The 20-year-old man was sentenced in November 2022 to two months in prison – that for violent rioting after the events in Ronneby in August 2020.

The 20-year-old then participated in the crowd that attacked police, guards and emergency services in central Ronneby with stones. Several people were convicted after the riots for participating in stone throwing – the city was also subjected to vandalism with broken windows and burning car tires and plants in the square.

Probable cause suspected

Now the 20-year-old stone-thrower is suspected of new crimes. He is now requested to be detained in Blekinge District Court, on probable cause suspected of a robbery. The crime allegedly took place earlier this week in central Ronneby.

The man has been in custody since the beginning of the week and, according to the arrest petition, there is a risk that the suspect will continue his criminal activities and he is therefore requested to be remanded in custody.

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Timeline: In the clip you can follow the riot in Ronneby – hour by hour. Footage from witnesses and the defendants themselves can be found in the prosecution's evidence. This picture was taken with the police body camera. Photo: Police preliminary investigation