Fist products applauded and sold

Shenzhen artificial intelligence enterprises shine at the Tokyo exhibition

At the Japan Artificial Intelligence Exhibition held in Tokyo recently, the Shenzhen Artificial Intelligence Enterprise Pavilion organized by the Shenzhen Municipal Commission for the Promotion of International Trade made a concentrated appearance, which attracted warm attention. The exhibition is the largest artificial intelligence exhibition in Japan, and the latest artificial intelligence products of nearly 20 Shenzhen artificial intelligence representative enterprises such as Cloud Whale Intelligence, Symu Technology, Moer Intelligence, Greup Battery, and Cloud Translation Technology have attracted the attention of many local professional visitors and become a bright color at the exhibition.

The company "took orders" on the spot, and the exhibition achieved fruitful results

Shenzhen Elephant Robot Technology Co., Ltd. is a specialized and special new enterprise focusing on robot R&D and production created by overseas study talents, this time in Tokyo, the company focused on myCobot collaborative robots and simulated pet cat metacat and other company products.

"During the exhibition, we received more than 500 customers, and nearly 70 effective customers who are willing to become distribution partners, integrators or end customers, and the results are quite good. During the period, a total of about 350.200 million yuan was achieved for educational robotic arms and simulated robot cats, and new customers placed orders on site for 50 simulated pet cats and <> educational robots. Chen Haotian, vice president of the company, introduced.

Jiying Technology is a specialized and special new enterprise engaged in the research and development and production of water-related intelligent equipment in Shenzhen, and the underwater robots, underwater vehicles, underwater fascial guns and other products brought this time have attracted great attention from local enterprises. Qiu Haihong, CEO of the company, said that more than 500 customers were received at the exhibition, more than 100 interested partners were involved, and a variety of products were sold on the spot, with an amount of 265.<> million yen. "The company has not set foot in the Japanese market in the past, through this exhibition, we found that the company's underwater intelligent products have good market development prospects, and will increase development efforts in Japan as an important target market in the future, and will consider continuing to participate in the exhibition next year."

"We were the only company to showcase AI olfactory sensors, and many visitors showed strong interest in integrating them into their products." Wang Shiyi, director of research and development of Shenzhen Weier Electric Co., Ltd., said that the company's participation in this exhibition is mainly for new products to understand customer needs and test market feedback.

The government sets up a platform to help enterprises smoothly "go to sea"

The relevant person in charge of the Shenzhen Municipal Commission for the Promotion of International Trade introduced that this exhibition is an important stop for in-depth implementation of the relevant instructions of the municipal party committee and the municipal government on carrying out the relevant instructions of the "I help enterprises find the market" activity, and carry out a series of activities of "Shenzhen products global tour", aiming to help Shenzhen enterprises expand overseas markets such as Japan.

The reporter learned that during the exhibition, the CCPIT also organized the China (Shenzhen)-Japan (Tokyo) artificial intelligence industry docking and exchange meeting, attracting more than 50 Japanese related enterprises and institutions to attend, 12 Shenzhen excellent artificial intelligence enterprises on the spot to share the project, the two sides on the current Sino-Japanese artificial intelligence industry development and cooperation opportunities exchanges, for Shenzhen enterprises to better understand the Japanese market environment to build a "bridge" for international exchanges and cooperation.

Japanese guests such as Sumohara, former chairman of Toshiba China, Yusuke Nishiyama, Minister of Commerce and Industry of Nagaoka City Government, said that Shenzhen's artificial intelligence industry has a strong development momentum, and products have a very broad application space in the Japanese market, "This event will effectively promote Chinese and Japanese artificial intelligence enterprises to enhance understanding, promote the cooperation in scientific and technological innovation between the two sides to achieve bigger, better and faster development under the new situation, and work together to open up a new situation in artificial intelligence development." ”

Chen Haotian believes that this event is in the best window of market recovery, and the help of the government and the blessing of local partners in Japan allow the company to understand the voices of local users face-to-face, which will help the company's product optimization to achieve positive development.

Tang Jialin, co-founder of Shenzhen Yanyuan Biotechnology, said that in the exhibition and series of docking and exchange activities with Japanese companies, many Japanese companies believe that Yanyuan Biotechnology's products have both technical barriers and differentiated tracks, and have the potential to become "explosive" in the Japanese market. "This participation in the exhibition is conducive to allowing Shenzhen enterprises to fully understand the overseas market conditions, and can also enhance exchanges and cooperation with local enterprises, such a platform will form an effective help for Shenzhen enterprises to steadily 'go overseas'." (Shenzhen Special Zone News reporter Zhang Cheng)