• Messes Tamara Falcó is left without a wedding dress: the firm Sophie et Voilà breaks with her, "our business ethics prevent us from crossing certain limits"
  • Relationships Tamara Falcó's badge: an unfaithful boyfriend, a sprain and without a dress two months before the wedding
  • Controversy "Tamara Falcó is an important aunt with demands, some brands arrive, others do not": the zasca of Iñigo Onieva to Sophie et Voilà

The soap opera of the wedding dress of Tamara Falcó (41) adds a new chapter with the struggle of the dozens of signatures that have offered the Marchioness of Griñón to dress her after the abrupt break with Sophie et Voilà. But Tamara, according to sources to which LOC has had access, has already opted for one of them. The chosen one, according to these sources, is Carolina Herrera. Tamara will fly this weekend to New York to take a first test and finalize details, because time is pressing, they add. There are only seven weeks left for the wedding in El Rincón (it will be held on July 8 if there are no more setbacks) and the Marchioness of Griñón has to start from scratch, as she herself acknowledged after the statement of the Bilbao designers was made public in which they assured that their agreement had been dissolved "as a result of the breach of contract by Mrs. Falcó".

Carolina Herrera's name was already slipped on Tuesday in Sálvame. Lydia Lozano said that Wes Gordon, the creative director of the New York firm, was the one who had the most ballots to be chosen. The sources consulted by LOC give it as certain, although neither Carolina Herrera nor Tamara Falcó have communicated it officially.

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"There are 30 brands that have asked Tamara Falcó to make the dress"

  • Writing: MARTA CORBAL

"There are 30 brands that have asked Tamara Falcó to make the dress"

Another of the collaborators of the program, José Antonio Avilés, corroborated Lozano's words and assured that Carolina Herrera was from the beginning Tamara's first choice before she opted, surprisingly, for the Bilbao firm Sophie et Voilà.

In the reality show Tamara Falcó: La marquisa, released in August 2022, Tamara visited with her mother, Isabel Preysler, the atelier of the Venezuelan designer in New York and attended the fashion show of the firm in Fashion Week. According to Avilés, Tamara "has a contract with that reality show with a lot of data and one of them is that Carolina Herrera is the person who is going to dress her for the wedding."

We will have to wait until July 8 to discover if the design you choose is inspired or not by some creation of a famous couturier exhibited at the Metropolitan in New York, as has slipped after the statement that the designers of Sophie et Voilà, Saoia Goitia and Sofía Arribas, published justifying the rupture of the contract. "We have a deep respect for the artistic creation of other colleagues and our business ethic prevents us from crossing certain boundaries that would jeopardize the original authorship of the design. For this reason, and for the respect that we deserve the originality of the works of other haute couture brands, we can not meet certain demands of Mrs. Falcó, which since the beginning of the relationship we have advised against and refused to make for getting too close to designs outside our firm, "reads the statement in which you can glimpse what has been the cause of the disagreement. " reads the statement.

Tamara has categorically denied plagiarism and the issue could even end up in court.

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