Beijing, 5 May (Zhongxin Net) -- Xing Zheng, the "secretary of the Internet celebrity," has a new post.

On May 5, the Inner Mongolia Association for Science and Technology held a meeting of cadres and announced the decision on the appointment and dismissal of cadres of the autonomous regional party committee: Comrade Xing Zheng was appointed secretary of the leading party group of the autonomous region science and technology association and nominated as a candidate for vice chairman of the autonomous region science and technology association.

Before taking up his new post, Xing Zheng was the deputy secretary of the Ordos Municipal Party Committee, the secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, and the secretary of the Kangbashi District Party Committee.

Image source: Inner Mongolia Association for Science and Technology

Sing rap to promote the city

He once said that everything was "forced" into change

In July 2022, the opening ceremony of Kangbashi China Internet Red City Index Release Center was held. In his speech on the Internet, Xing Zheng promoted the city in the form of singing rap, so he became popular on the Internet and was known as the "Internet celebrity secretary".

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Referring to the title of "Internet celebrity secretary", Xing Zheng once said that it was a "means" he had to use in order to develop the local economy.

Kangbashi, which means "excellent teacher" in Mongolian, is the political, cultural, scientific and educational center of Ordos.

After becoming the secretary of the Kangbashi District Party Committee in June 2021, Xing Zheng has repeatedly investigated the cultural tourism work of Kangbashi District, and proposed to promote a new image with new cultural tourism, shape new IP with new culture, spread good voices with new media, and create an all-round "Internet celebrity Kangbashi".

At the above-mentioned listing ceremony, Xing Zheng said that he expects that the "Kangbashi China Internet Red City Index Release Center" will not only accumulate energy for the high-quality development of Kangbashi, but also provide useful reference and value reference for building "Internet red cities", building city brands, exploring the "long-term red effect", and realizing network traffic monetization across the country.

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"There is no industry, no coal mines, and the real estate industry is saturated, so we can only hope for the service industry, but the most rapid effect in the service industry is the digital economy." Xing Zheng once said that there is no mine at home, all rely on traffic, in a sense, Kangbashi District to build a "net red city", and even accidentally become a "net red secretary", everything is "forced" out of the change.

Data map: Internet celebrity city Kangbashi. Photo courtesy of Kangbashi District Government

Ordos' "humane notice" has brushed the screen

According to public information, Xing Zheng was born in March 1978, holds a master's degree in law from the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, and a master's degree in science from the London School of Economics and Political Science in the United Kingdom.

In July 2002, Xing Zheng served as a consultant of the Legal Department of the WTO Center in Beijing. In August 7, Xing Zheng joined the Market Development Department of the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee and successively served as the project director and deputy director of the Olympic Brand Protection and Contract Management Department.

Since November 2008, Xing Zheng has been transferred to China Development Bank and successively served as Deputy Director-General of the International Finance Bureau, General Manager of the General Affairs Department of the Cairo Representative Office, and Deputy Director of the Personnel Bureau.

In October 2020, Xing Zheng took up his duties in Inner Mongolia and served as a member of the Standing Committee of the Baotou Municipal Party Committee and a member of the Party Group of the Baotou Municipal Government, and the following year as the deputy secretary of the Ordos Municipal Party Committee, the secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, and the secretary of the Kangbashi District Party Committee.

In November 2022, a notice from the Political and Legal Committee of the Ordos Municipal Party Committee was still on the whole network. According to the notice, in Ordos, if you encounter a situation that endangers your personal safety, especially an emergency that endangers life safety, you have the right to take measures to save yourself or take emergency shelter in time in accordance with Article 11 of the Criminal Law, Article <> of the Civil Code and other relevant laws.


Many netizens called it a "humane notice", and Xing Zheng, as the secretary of the Ordos Political and Legal Committee, once again attracted media attention.

Regarding "touching the net", Xing Zheng once expressed his understanding to the media, "Many of our leading cadres are still very young, and I hope that they will understand the net, touch the net, and have a sense of the net." ”

Xing Zheng believes that under the spotlight, it is necessary to consciously accept the supervision of the people. You also have to solve specific problems, and you can't just sit and talk in the office.

He Jiaolong urged Ma Xueyuan to promote tourism in Zhaosu County. Photo courtesy of Zhaosu County from zero distance

Internet celebrity official takes up new post He Jiaolong went to the Xinjiang Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs

In recent years, many local officials have promoted cultural tourism through short videos and live broadcasts. He Jiaolong, the "net celebrity county magistrate" who became popular because of a video of a horse galloping in the snow wearing a red cloak and a fur hat, recently took up a new position as the director of the Xinjiang Quality Agricultural Products Production and Marketing Service Center.

After becoming popular in 2020, He Jiaolong was transferred from Zhaosu County in Xinjiang to Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture as the deputy director of the Cultural and Tourism Bureau. She pulled up a young live broadcast team, and the sales of agricultural and sideline products with live streaming exceeded 2 million yuan, driving more than 1,2300 local direct employment.

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According to public information, the Xinjiang High-quality Agricultural Products Production and Marketing Service Center is a public institution directly under the Xinjiang Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and its responsibility is to provide service guarantee for the production and sales of high-quality agricultural products; Conduct investigation and research on the formulation and revision of national standards and industry standards; Undertake the cultivation of agricultural product brands, market development and display promotion; Coordinate and guide the cultivation and promotion of famous and excellent agricultural product brands; Undertake the construction of export platform for agricultural products in North China market.

It can be noted that He Jiaolong's new media account recently released a number of short videos promoting Xinjiang's agricultural products. (End)