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Did South Africa load weapons and ammunition on board a Russian ship during a visit to the port of Cape Town? The accusation comes from the US ambassador, based in Pretoria and provokes reactions in the international press, such as the Washington Post. This raises questions because South Africa remains on a position of neutrality vis-à-vis the war in Ukraine. For the South African newspaper, Sowetan, the government is playing "Russian roulette", a game of chance that can prove deadly. If true, this could end with US sanctions against the South African government. President Cyril Ramaphosa said in questions to parliament that "an investigation is underway ... we will take a closer look." But for the daily The Star, these statements have not convinced. "Cyril [Ramaphosa] has entered 'a war of words with the United States'," the daily headlined. The Citizen reports that the US ambassador was "furious" over this supposed arms supply issue. "I'm willing to bet my life that it's all true," he said.

In France, the resignation of Yannick Morez, mayor of Saint-Brévin (Loire-Atlantique) caused a stir. The elected official left office after being the victim of an arson attack at his home. He had been intimidated for several months by a far-right movement for wanting to welcome refugees in his commune. Libération denounces "the abandonment of the elected" by the services of the State. The latter had tried several times to alert the prefecture to the threats to which he was subjected. Under pressure, the government is trying to reassure local elected officials, "more and more threatened," recalls Le Parisien. In 2022, more than 2,000 complaints of verbal or physical abuse were registered.

In half a century, Pablo Picasso's works have only increased in value on the art market. But the goose that lays the golden eggs could seize according to Courrier International, since the #MeToo movement went through it. According to The Economist, art experts are concerned that Pablo Picasso's unkind or even outrageous remarks or behaviour towards women will resurface. For El Pais, this at least allows us to ask the question again: should we distinguish between man and artist?

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