It was at lunchtime on Thursday that the police and ambulance were alerted to an industrial premises south of Välaskogen in Helsingborg. At the scene, two men were found who had to be taken by ambulance to hospital with gunshot wounds.

At the same time, the area was cordoned off and the police carried out a number of measures to investigate what happened. Among other things, they searched for the perpetrator by helicopter, searched for traces with search dogs and checked surveillance cameras in the area.

One person arrested

At 14 p.m., a man in his 30s was arrested. After a brief interrogation, a prosecutor decided to arrest the man suspected of attempted murder. At the same time, the police do not rule out the possibility that there is more than one perpetrator.

– What we believe is that the perpetrator or men probably left the scene, Berga industrial area, on some kind of moped or motorcycle at 12 o'clock, says Helsingborg's police chief Karim Ottosson.

The police helicopter flies over the Berga industrial area in search of the shooter or shooters. Photo: Caroline Martos / SVT

Risk of revenge

The arrested man is already known to the police and therefore the police are now investing in stopping a possible escalation of the violence.

"We take measures aimed at particular individuals and places by disturbing them," says Karim Ottosson.

"There have been several recent events that make us look at the risk of retaliation.

The people shot will no longer be considered seriously injured on Friday.

This is what the police chief said in connection with the incident:

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Police chief Karim Ottosson thinks it may be a conflict between criminals – hear him tell in the clip. Photo: Caroline Martos/SVT