The energy company Cloudberry is now investigating the possibilities of getting an offshore wind farm in Kalmarsund as they see many advantages with the location.

"It is a good water depth, suitable ports and Sweden's strongest connection point. This makes it possible to build in a cost-effective way," says Daniel Kulin, Business Area Manager for Offshore Wind at Cloudberry and Project Manager for Simpevarp Offshore Wind Farm.

Daniel Kulin, project manager for Simpevarp offshore wind farm.

The connection point to the electricity grid is strong because the OKG nuclear power plant is close by. Initially, there were plans for four reactors there and now there is only one reactor, the O3 in operation, so there is therefore an overcapacity.

In the clip, Daniel Kulin explains why they are not building the wind farm further out to sea.

Can produce two percent of the country's electricity use

The Simpevarp marine park could produce 3 TWh of electricity per year, which would correspond to about two percent of Sweden's electricity consumption. This corresponds to the electricity consumption of 150,000 houses, with an average consumption of 20,000 kWh per year.

How much is that compared to what OKG produces?

"The offshore wind farm could produce just under half of what OKG produces today," says Daniel Kulin.

Long process waiting

The project with the Simpevarp offshore wind farm has just started and now a long process awaits. At the end of April, consultation meetings were held in Byxelkrok, Figeholm and Oskarshamn for local residents and the general public. They now have until 31 May to submit comments on the offshore wind farm.

Cloudberry expects the wind farm to be completed in 2030 at the earliest.

The map shows where Cloudberry wants to place the ocean wind farm. Photo: Cloudberry