China News Network, May 5 According to the Associated Press, on the 6th local time, US Vice President Harris met with the heads of Microsoft, Google and two other companies developing artificial intelligence to discuss the potential risks of artificial intelligence (AI). The Biden administration has made it clear to these corporate executives that they must ensure the security of their products before launching them.

Image source: Screenshot of US President Joe Biden's social media Twitter

Biden, who briefly attended a meeting in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, hoped that senior executives of participating companies would "educate us" on what is most needed to protect and promote society. Tech companies must reduce the current and potential risks posed by AI to personal, social, and national security.

"What you're doing has great potential and great danger," Biden told business leaders in a video posted on his social media Twitter account.

According to the official website of the White House, Harris also said in a statement after the meeting that AI technology "has the potential to greatly increase threats to safety and security, violate civil rights and privacy, and erode public trust and confidence in democracy," arguing that companies have a responsibility to comply with existing laws, as well as "ethical, moral and legal responsibilities to ensure the safety and security of their products."

Infographic: ChatGPT.

When the White House convened a meeting of people from the scientific and technological community, the Biden administration also announced on the 4th that it would invest $1 million to establish 4 new AI research institutions. In addition, the White House Office of Management and Budget is expected to issue guidance on the federal government's use of AI.

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence applications such as ChatGPT, some national government agencies have begun to pay attention to this application and strengthen its supervision. As previously reported, in March, the Italian Personal Data Protection Agency announced a temporary ban on the use of ChatGPT. Many universities in the United States and Europe have banned students from using ChatGPT, and the New York City Department of Education has banned the use of ChatGPT on local public school computers and the Internet.

In addition, at the end of March this year, many people in the technology industry, including Musk, signed an open letter calling on all AI labs to immediately suspend training AI systems for at least 3 months.