Hong Kong, 5 May (ZXS) -- On 2 May, the Hong Kong SAR Government announced a proposal for improving regional governance. A number of Hong Kong organizations issued a statement on the same day to welcome and fully support this, believing that the plan is conducive to safeguarding national security, improving the electoral system, implementing the principle of "patriots governing Hong Kong", and helping to effectively improve the efficiency of Hong Kong's regional governance.

According to the Democratic Association for the Advancement of Hong Kong, the SAR Government announced a plan to reshape district councils, which proposed to improve the nomination threshold and membership qualification system, ensuring national security and fully implementing the principle of "patriots administering Hong Kong". The improved composition of District Councils also attracts patriots from different backgrounds, regional mobilization and professional backgrounds from various channels, which will help District Councils to be more broadly representative and balanced in participation, so that District Councils can develop in the direction of quality democracy.

The Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions said that this reform has returned the District Councils to the nature and positioning of "non-political regional organizations" stipulated in the Hong Kong Basic Law, firmly grasped regional governance in the hands of patriots, enhanced the professionalism and pluralism of District Councils, truly enabled District Councils to better play their role in community construction and serving residents, assisted the SAR Government in implementing regional policies and improving the efficiency of SAR governance, and opened a new chapter for good governance.

The New People's Party believes that the plan adheres to the principles and spirit of the previous improvement of the electoral system and improves the structure of the district councils. The improved composition of District Council seats will enrich the pool of District Councils, and the resumption of the appointment system will allow participation by people with rich experience or expertise but who are not keen on elections. The members of the major sectors under the plan will have different representatives and uniqueness, be able to have a holistic view and focus on community governance, enrich the talent structure of the district council, and achieve the principle of "balanced participation".

The Federation of All Sectors of Hong Kong Island said that the reform plan of the district council has further improved the regional governance structure of the SAR government, which is conducive to solving the "last mile" problem of policy implementation. After the reform, the composition of district councils will be diversified, and various forms of democracy such as consultation, consultation and dialogue will be enriched, and the quality of democracy will be enhanced.

The Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong said that the new district council structure will cover a wider and more balanced area, and it is hoped that more senior local figures, professionals and young people who love the country and Hong Kong will join in the work to feedback the facts and voices of the region to the SAR Government, so as to benefit the citizens and the community, and at the same time effectively unite the community and people's hearts and minds to promote the development of Hong Kong together.

The Hong Kong Friendship Association said that this is an inevitable extension of improving Hong Kong's electoral system and an inevitable requirement for implementing "patriots governing Hong Kong". The selection methods of District Councils are more balanced and diversified, which is conducive to the wide participation of patriots from all walks of life, truly pooling people's wisdom and people's strength, and effectively enhancing the efficiency of Hong Kong's regional governance. (End)