Sébastien Le Belzic 06h17, 03 May 2023

After the spy balloon affair, a Chinese military airship affair. Satellite images, revealed by the American channel CNN, reveal the presence of an airship in a military complex in China and lend credence to the thesis of the development by China of a vast program of espionage by air.

Several weeks after the spy balloon affair, China is in the news because of what appears to be a military airship. The images taken by the American satellite imaging company Blacksky show, in fact, a craft about thirty meters long posed in a military complex. These images were revealed this week by CNN and decrypted by Alex Marquardt, a journalist specializing in military issues for the American channel.

"What experts tell us is that this is a step forward in the Chinese military aircraft program, which is becoming much more sophisticated, the airship is more maneuverable, more versatile. One of the experts we spoke with compares it to a submarine in the sky," Alex Marquardt told Europe 1.

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A known base of intelligence services

This device would be more effective than the spy balloons spotted over the American continent at the beginning of the year. This Korla base where the airship was identified on a runway is located in the middle of the Xinjiang desert in northwestern China. A well-known base of the US intelligence services because it would house research and development centers of laser weapons, capable of attacking satellites, as well as ballistic missile test facilities.