The idea is that those who are hired start in the battery factory in Skellefteå and work there for up to two years. Then they move back to Gothenburg, where Volvo Cars and Nortvolt's new battery factory NOVO Energy will also be screaming for people when it is completed.

"We need to hire several thousand people in a few years' time and this is a good way to get competent staff," says Maria Rosbecker, HR Manager at NOVO Energy, Volvo Cars and Northvolt's collaboration.

Energy is our future

Nortvolt in Skellefteår also has a positive view of the exchange program.

– We need lots of people so we see this as an opportunity to help NOVO here and also get people to Skellefteå in the short term, says Sanna Bäckström, communicator at Nortvolt in Skellefteå.

About 600 people had come to the Gothenburg Science Center to get information about the job offer.

– Since it focuses on renewable energy and the solutions of the future, I think it will be a stimulating work, says Roujin Ghaffari, newly graduated Chalmerist.

Long move

Of those who were there, about 50 people will get jobs in Skellefteå in the first round, according to Maria Rosbecker.

"I've moved all the way from India to get a job here in Sweden, so moving to Skellefteå is no problem. And to be honest, I just see it as an opportunity to explore more of Sweden in this way, says Afrot Divan who visited the fair.