• Society Lick a banana or positions of the Kamasutra: They denounce the City Council of Vilassar de Mar for a pornographic gymkhana for teenagers

Placing condoms on a stick, licking bananas after smearing it with honey and cream, making penises or vaginas with plasticine or reproducing Kamasutra postures were some of the tests of the gymkhana for young people from 12 to 30 years organized by the City Council of Vilassar de Mar (Barcelona) on July 22 and that ended with a bitter controversy when parents found out through social networks since photos had been taken and Videos of some minors at the event and disseminated without permission. The then youth councilor of Vilassar de Mar Montse Gual resigned in the face of the scandal that, months later, could have criminal consequences.

The Court of Instruction number 4 of Mataró has accepted the complaint of one of the parents represented by Christian Lawyers. and cited to declare as investigated the former councilor of ERC for a crime of exhibitionism and another of revelation and discovery of secrets in electronic support of minors, as this media could know.

The complaint notes that night gymkhana "parents were not informed" of its content and allowed minors from 11 to 14 years old to participate, in addition to recounting the content of the tests such as placing a condom with the mouth on a stick or banana, smearing it with honey and cream and licking it, as well as viewing sexual images or "the girls had to stand against the wall with their asses in pomp and behind You had to put the boy with a balloon in the middle that had to burst in that position. "

The plaintiff's daughter "was photographed while performing some of the tests without pixelation and without authorization" and then the images were disseminated. In addition, the complaint investigated by the court notes that the minor was asked about whether she used drugs. Given these facts, the judge considers that there are elements that should be investigated and demands a report from the Mossos d'Esquadra on the dissemination of the images. It also cites the former councilor as accused as well as the mayor of Vilassar, Damiá del Clot, and Esteve Torrent, of the Youth Service of the town as witnesses.

After knowing the judicial decision, the president of Christian Lawyers, Polonia Castellanos, said that "those responsible are finally convicted because the attack against our children, against our children, their attempt at hypersexualization, corruption, is increasing, the attack and violation against the fundamental right that we parents have to educate our children included in article 27.3 and from Christian Lawyers we will not consent to them trying In this way to our children, always mediating for the best interest of the child which is to protect their childhood and protect the right we parents have to educate our children. "

The gymkhana caused numerous controversy last August when its content transcended, since numerous parents complained about the explicit tests of the minors. Therefore, Gual decided to resign. "Despite not being informed and ignoring the activities scheduled during the gymkhana of the Young July, the Councilor for Youth voluntarily assumes with her resignation the responsibility of not having claimed the information of the activities," said the Consistory in a statement.

In addition, the former councilor of ERC acknowledged the lack of information that the participants and the parents of the minors who made the gymkhana had, which is why she apologized. Both the City Council of Vilassar and the Síndic de Greuges opened an investigationthat was also required by the court to incorporate it into the cause. At the time Vox filed a complaint with the Prosecutor's Office for the celebration of this gymkhana that was filed.

Montse Gual was presented as number five in the list of ERC-GxVdM-AM led by the current mayor of Vilassar, Damià del Clot, in the municipal elections of 2019, and was councilor for Youth, Citizen Participation, Transparency and Equality. Del Clot is not running for re-election.

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