Dongguan, 4 April (ZXS) -- Question: Taiwan youth Wu Sensheng: The mainland market has unlimited opportunities, and young entrepreneurs will be pushed forward

Written by Lee Young-min Chun Lee

Grinding, weighing, water injection... In the "Upturned Nose" coffee shop in Dongguan, where Taiwanese businessmen on the mainland gather, Wu Sensheng, the "second generation of Taiwan businessmen," is brewing coffee skillfully. As the aroma of coffee spread, Wu Sensheng showed a satisfied smile. It was the happiest moment of his daily work.

As the "second generation of Taiwan businessmen", Wu Sensheng often traveled to the mainland when he was a child because his father Wu Miaogen opened a business in Dongguan. When he was a senior student, the first school for Taiwanese businessmen in the mainland, Dongguan Taiwanese School, was just established, and Wu Sensheng became the first high school student of this school, and had the experience of studying and living in the mainland for a long time. It was these three years of high school life that allowed Wu Sensheng to enhance his understanding of cross-strait culture and feel the excellent quality of Taiwan businessmen in his father's generation.

After graduating from high school, Wu returned to Taiwan for undergraduate studies and then went to the United States to study. During this period, he often went to Dongguan to reunite with his father, and every development and change in Dongguan impressed him. "The development here has changed so much, I thought at that time, I must go to Dongguan to start a business when I have the opportunity." Wu Sensheng said.

After graduating from studying in the United States, Wu Sensheng returned to Taiwan to work as a business management consultant, but he never forgot the idea of starting a business in the mainland. When his father Wu Miaogen asked him to take over Dongguan Evergreen Sports and Entertainment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Evergreen Sports and Entertainment"), he immediately agreed.

In Dongguan, Wu Sensheng used his rich management experience to open up a new corporate group single market for Evergreen Sports and Entertainment in one year, and his management ability was also recognized by his father. Wu Sensheng said: "My father has always hoped that I can have a broader market vision and platform, and he is also very supportive of my entrepreneurship, and with his support, I started my entrepreneurial road in Dongguan." ”

In 2015, Wu Sensheng saw the market potential of mainland specialty coffee and founded the "Nose Up" coffee brand. "At the beginning, we didn't start with a store, but first set up a coffee roasting factory, intending to make coffee beans and hanging ear coffee products." Wu Sensheng said that in the actual market development, he found that mainland consumers did not know much about specialty coffee, so he took another step forward and opened a "nose-cocking" coffee shop.

"We opened our first store just to let consumers buy our products after experiencing it, and then found that customers were more inclined to consume coffee drinks in coffee shops, and we further did coffee beverage research and development, transforming into a model based on dine-in coffee drinks, supplemented by coffee product sales." Wu Sensheng said.

With the rapid growth of the mainland consumer market, Wu Sensheng's "upturned nose" coffee has seized the market opportunity to develop, and has opened 7 stores in Dongguan, and now Wu Sensheng is fully engaged in business development.

Wu Sensheng said that in the mainland, you can feel that there are countless opportunities in the market every day, and as long as you work hard, it is possible to seize them. In the development of the mainland market, Taiwan's young entrepreneurs will be pushed forward and stimulate unlimited entrepreneurial motivation. (End)