• 24-hour parties with Isabel Pantoja in Monaco: this was her big day at the Rose Ball

Juan Peña's childhood dream was to be a singer, live in Madrid where artists live and sign for a great company. "I arrived in Madrid in 2004, and in 2005 I was already living in La Moraleja. I am very Catholic, and I dreamed of meeting Pope Francis. Maria Jose Santiago called me to go with her to the Vatican and we sang to the Pope. When I was going out with Yeyes Manzanares, watching The Bone Collector, by Denzel Washington, I told him: someday I will sing to him. In less than 48 hours it happened, at a friend's party."

The woman of his life is Sonia González, daughter of the right-hander Dámaso González. "We met when she worked on a canal in Castilla-La Mancha. As I entered the set I said, 'She will be the mother of my child.' The way she looked at me... He told me that his sister was following me and that I was special. At the age of three, our son Tristan was born."

Juan was studying Administrative Management in Jerez, but decided to form his own group. He was called Fátima Noguera Espinosa (Borja Domecq's ex-wife). Then for the wedding of Sol Bohórquez (daughter of Fermín Bohórquez and Mercedes Domecq), in which the then Prince Felipe was. It was a boom. And they started calling him the singer of the jet set.

He recorded a demo, Pepe Barroso signed him with Peps Records and Sony and made the soundtrack of the series Arrayán with the song Mentías. "I wanted to be like Los del Río and José Manuel Soto."

Some of the celebrities for whom he has acted: Olivia Valere, Flavio Briatore, Leonardo DiCaprio, Denzel Washington or Lenny Kravitz, Leona Lewis, the Infanta Margarita, Juan José Hidalgo, Sarah Ferguson, Carlos Slim, or Richard Gere and his wife Alejandra. "She told me that her husband was already a fan of mine."

Singer Juan Peña with Marta González in 2020GTRES

"They are normal people. Seeing Denzel Washington or DiCaprio asking me on my knees to repeat a song proves it. Close, kind, affectionate... Security and personal assistants are worse. When I go to the Dominican Republic they host us in their mansions. My big secret has always been to see, hear and be silent."

"I consider myself a singer of the people. I'm proud to sing to those important personalities. But I'm just as happy singing to someone unknown who has been saving for six years to get married and wants me to be on the most important day of his life. Everything I am I owe to the public."

He has released four albums. The next thing will be in April, a song by David DeMaría with video clip recorded in Paris, Miami and Jerez and a song composed by himself. They will be part of the repertoire of the concert that prepares for April 15 in the center of Madrid before about 30,000 people.


There is no party or fair booth that boasts in which Los Alpresa are not. For example, the year the kings of the Netherlands visited the Seville Fair, they took them out to dance. It happened in the booth of Litri, Rosauro Varo and José María Pacheco. Al Rocío go with Triana.

The brothers Jaime, José María and Juan celebrate 30 years in music. They started singing in the Algarve. A friend called them for a party at La Meridiana, in Marbella, by Paolo Ghiralli. "We started meeting people. Eugenia Martínez de Irujo or Litri, who introduced us to Enrique Ponceand Paloma Cuevas. Through Cary Lapique we entered Madrid."

They sang at the wedding of Raúl González and Mamen Sanz; in that of Nuria Roca with Juan del Val; Eva González and Cayetano Rivera; Lolita with Pablo Durán; Jorge Cadaval with Ken Appledorn, or the coming-out of Tana Rivera. Or at the weddings of two Italian princes; at the silver anniversary of José Bono; in Paris for the birthday of Gonzalo de Borbón; in Italy at a party of Emanuela Dampierre, in Argentina with Jose Lata Liste, from the Mau Mau nightclub, at parties in Ponce, Litri, El Cordobés, or El Juli...

"In Morocco with the Royal Family; Ana Pliego, Alfonso Fierro's love, took us to Monaco, to Marrakech..." They have sung in Saint Moritz, at the Palace in Gstaad... "We put him upside down. Everyone dancing. We already had the flights to return and an American told us to stay two more days."

'Los Alpresa' during the presentation of their album "It's time to change" in 2020GTRES

"In Marbella a Saudi prince, every time we sang a bolero, would sing with his wife. When we finished he gave me 100,000 pesetas, apart from our cache."

Los Alpresa have also done concerts for the benefit of Sevillian brotherhoods, the AECC and Nuevo Futuro... They have recorded four albums, with collaborations with Miguel Poveda, Morancos or María Jiménez.

"At private parties, whoever hires us knows how we are. We are music workers, but luxury workers. In the end there are no differences, everyone enjoys music; but in the normal ones there is cava and in the others there is champagne and caviar".

The secret? "We exude joy and desire to dance. We try not to go unnoticed, do our job and keep people watching." All based on effort and pulling the phone. "We have never had a representative, we have walked alone and we are recognized by great artists."

In Mexico they adore them, this year they will go to Nimes, and they are already preparing a concert for October at the Lope de Vega Theater in Seville for their 30 years in music. Before the Fair they will release their new song: El camino con Triana me mata.

They live from music, and Jaime Alpresa has been able to set up a restaurant next to the Plaza de la Maestranza. "An endearing place of Sevillian food. On Easter Sundays I have a dinner after the bulls, with flamenco, to which the most VIPs come".

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