Alphabet, the owner of Google, said it will update Bard — a conversational bot based on generative artificial intelligence (AI) — to help people write code for software development, as the tech giant tries to compete in the race to develop artificial intelligence software.

The company recently released "Bard" research on gains in its competition with Microsoft.

Last year, the release of ChatGPT, a chatbot from Microsoft-backed startup OpenAI, sparked a race in the tech sector to put AI in the hands of more users.

Google describes Bard as an experiment that allows collaboration with generative artificial intelligence, a technology that relies on historical data to create content rather than just searching and identifying it.

The company said on Friday that Bard will be able to code in 20 programming languages, including Java, C++ and Python, and can also help correct errors and explain the code to users.

Bard can also optimize the code to make it faster or more efficient with simple commands, such as "Can you make this code faster?" she said.

At this stage, a small group of users can access Bared, chat with the bot and ask questions, instead of running Google's traditional search tool.