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In French Guiana, two new suspects were arrested following the murder of Major Arnaud Blanc, gendarme of the GIGN killed by firearm on March 25 at the clandestine gold panning site of Dorlin. The suspects are believed to belong to the same armed gang. The alleged killer of the gendarme, a Brazilian national, was arrested on 8 April. He is incarcerated in Martinique.

Guyana, a hub for cocaine trafficking from Colombia to Europe. Since mid-March, at least four people working at Félix Eboué airport have been arrested in three different cases. They are three employees of a medical transport company, and a deputy policewoman of the Border Police. On 6 March, an Air France manager in French Guiana was remanded in custody.

Operation Wuambushu for the mass deportation of illegal aliens in Mayotte is due to begin shortly. Some Mahorais hope so, others denounce it, because according to them, it violates human rights. Several thousand people live in informal settlements, slums where the distress and misery of the inhabitants are palpable. On-site report.

If your children or grandchildren are struggling with the transition from primary school to college, take them to Lifou, New Caledonia. The school year began in February. A sea course in the wilderness was offered to middle school students to better integrate them and promote living together. This is the good idea of the weekly Overseas.

We also offer you an unusual discovery. In Martinique, the tourist site of Le Diamant has again been tinged with pink. More precisely its mangrove. The phenomenon occurs every year in the dry season and always causes the same wonder.

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