"The fraudster introduces himself as an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the city of Moscow and reports that the person is a witness in the case of forgery of a power of attorney, with the help of which an attempt was made to take a loan. At the first stage, the deceiver tries to get the maximum amount of personal data of a citizen. First, by "reconciling the data", clarifying the nuances. After that, the fake power of attorney, of course, is issued on behalf of a person with data similar to the potential victim, "he said.

But the most important thing is ahead. Since a person is "still" a witness, he must meet the "employee" as much as possible, otherwise he will have to be summoned to Moscow to testify and participate in investigative actions, Solovyov explained.

"Of course, the agenda and, of course, at the expense of the citizen. Since few people want to spend money on travel and endure the inconvenience associated with a trip to the capital, people begin to contribute to the "policeman". And then everything goes according to a long-proven scheme: checking the account of the "witness", a control transfer of money to confirm that he is not a criminal, obtaining financial personal information and stealing money from the account, taking a mirror loan, "the lawyer warned.

As Solovyov explained, you should not fall for such tricks of scammers. He recalled that the costs associated with the appearance of a witness at the place of proceedings and accommodation were reimbursed by order of the person conducting the initial inquiry, the investigator, the prosecutor or the judge.

"In addition, the police can ask their colleagues from another region to conduct a survey and draw up the necessary papers. But all this does not happen by phone, but in the premises of the internal affairs body. Be vigilant!" — concluded the interlocutor of RT.

Earlier, lawyer Ivan Solovyov warned against calls from scammers from the code 977 to transfer funds to the account.