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Right or desire? An act of love or pure selfishness? Heroine or martyr? Ana Obregón has placed the Spaniards on two irreconcilable camps. Black or white, for or against... her case continues to generate headlines and hundreds of hours of debates and discussions three weeks after that shocking and controversial cover of Hello! with her daughter-granddaughter in her arms.

Her surroundings assure that she lives all this storm oblivious to the noise, entrenched in her luxurious bunker in Miami. But far from silence and intimacy, he has opted, once again, for media exposure. Since her birth, the result of a surrogacy, little Ana Sandra has starred in two exclusives, dozens of pages of ¡Hola! and several posts on the Instagram of her stepmother (mother-grandmother), where her face appears without any filter.

The exposure of the girl is another of the most striking aspects of the controversial maternity of the actress since she was, precisely, one of the celebrities who fought the most to protect the privacy, honor and image of minors, Aless among them.

"At first he took the child out in magazines but one day he decided he wanted to protect him. He came to see me along with Terelu Campos, Marta Robles and Eugenia Martínez de Irujo when I was Ombudsman for Children. Then Isabel Gemio joined them. We spoke with the parliamentary groups and from there the Organic Law on the Legal Protection of Minors was born. It strikes me that she now pays another woman to have a daughter, who charges exclusives of Hello! and thus expose the girl. When a human being loses his privacy, he loses everything," recalls Javier Urra, forensic psychologist and the first Ombudsman for Children of the Community of Madrid.

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Urra is very critical of the actress's entire performance. "Ethically it is deplorable, science reaches many places but ethics has to set limits. And legally it has twisted the law," he says. And he warns: "Ana is smart, but she has gotten into dangerous territory for her emotional balance."

The image of the actress, the tenth best-known woman in Spain according to a study by Personality Media, has been greatly affected by all the controversy it has generated. "Obviously, he is facing a reputational crisis and he will have to manage it. A surrogacy is not done overnight and she knew it was going to cause an earthquake. Beyond whether or not it is ethical to separate a daughter from her mother, the problem here has been, in my opinion, the lack of advance communication, "explains Ana Jiménez, an expert in personal brand reputation. "People empathized with her a lot after the death of her son. In her appearances on TV, in the press and even on social networks she always had beautiful words towards him that moved everyone, but with the adoption of her granddaughter there are even those who have accused her of being a little destabilized and not looking for the rights of the girl or the surrogate mother. "

Another expert in brand management and reputational crisis, lawyer Julio de la Torre, also believes that the image of the protagonist of Ana and the seven has been damaged. "She is a person who has always sought relevance and has achieved it again. It has become the icon of surrogacy, the standard-bearer of the cause, unacceptable from any point of view, because it has denied that girl the right to a natural gestation. All the focus has been placed on Ana Obregón, she is the protagonist, and not the girl. The story is worthy of a soap opera, not even a screenwriter would have done it so well."

What will happen in a few months, according to De la Torre, is not known "because reputational crises can last very little." He also believes that Obregón will exploit the image of the girl, seek the "compassion of his audience through her and get it. We'll forget where it comes from," he says.

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Santiago Mollinedo, CEO of Personality Media, abounds in the image crisis of the actress. "Ana Obregón enjoyed a very high rating. With Aless' disease people perceived her as a more real and natural character but now there is another media noise and her image has deteriorated," he explains.

It is clear that the Obregón case is of great interest. Telecinco will broadcast a special program on Friday 21 with unpublished videos of Ana with the girl. It is possible that she, as they say in her environment, all this slips. At the moment the premiere of Mask Singer 3 awaits him (recorded before all this scandal), although before he will go through El Hormiguero (he has accepted the invitation of Pablo Motos). There is still a lot to know if they will renew the Bells. And you will always have Hello!

Pilar Llop and the controversy of the Registry


The registration of Ana Obregón's daughter in the Civil Registry has also been the subject of speculation, to the point that Libertad Digital assured that the Minister of Justice, Pilar Llop, was pushing to prevent it. The minister, however, has indicated that it seems to her a "valid solution" the instruction of the Civil Registry that contemplates recognizing babies as long as their situation has been regularized where conception and pregnancy took place.

Although surrogacy is illegal in Spain, based on the principle of the best interests of the child "it is being legalized," explains Marta Iglesias, a lawyer specializing in family law at Winkels Abogados. "In these cases it is important to distinguish in which country the assisted reproduction technique has taken place and, therefore, how the filiation has been determined, whether by a judicial sentence, as happens in the United States, or by administrative means, as happened in Ukraine. When we have a court ruling, the subsequent registration of the minor in our country is much easier," he adds.

"In this case the filiation of the minor would have already been determined in the United States through a court ruling in favor of Ana Obregón. And therefore once this sentence is final you can go to the Spanish Consulate to initiate the necessary procedures. In principle, the consulate should not put any problem so the minor would be registered almost automatically as Spanish. Once the relevant procedures are made at the consulate, the filiation is registered in the Consular Registry and sent to the Central Civil Registry in Spain. And the minor will already have a Spanish passport," adds the lawyer.

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