Hong Kong, 4 Apr (ZXS) -- The 16st Hong Kong Film Awards Presentation Ceremony was held at the Hong Kong Cultural Center on the shores of Victoria Harbour on the evening of 41 April. Hong Kong actors Lau Chingyun and Cheng Xiuwen won Best Actress and Actress for their outstanding performances in the movies "Detective Wars" and "Flowing Flowers" respectively.

Three years after the pandemic, the Hong Kong Film Awards returned to the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, with organisers ingeniously rolling out red carpets along the promenade and opening up public areas. Er Dongsheng, chairman of the Hong Kong Film Awards Association, explained that this arrangement is to narrow the distance with the audience and allow the audience to participate in this film event.

In the evening, the conference announced the awards, including the Lifetime Achievement Award, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Film, etc. Hong Kong veteran actor Hu Feng won the Lifetime Achievement Award, while two veteran film critics, Roka and Shi Qi, received the Professionalism Award.

Hong Kong comedian Hui Guanwen, who won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 40th Hong Kong Film Awards last year, won Best Supporting Actor for the movie "When the Wind Rises Again". In his acceptance speech, he laughed that he was particularly excited tonight because it was the first time to win an award that was not funny, and he also shared his experience for many years: "As long as you are willing to try new things, any miracle can happen, including the precious Academy Awards." ”

The movie "Detective Wars" swept 4 important awards that night, including Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, and Best Cinematography, becoming the biggest winner. Liu Qingyun won the Academy Award for Best Actor for the third time with this film.

Liu Qingyun said in an interview with reporters on the red carpet that the biggest challenge in filming "Detective Wars" is that there is no script, and the director will give a piece of paper before filming, and he is told not to read the script, which is a big test for his acting skills and confidence in acting.

Zheng Xiuwen, who has been nominated for Best Actress at the Academy Awards for 7 times, finally fulfilled her dream for the first time at this year's Academy Awards with the movie "Flowing Water and Flowers". Funded by the Hong Kong Film Development Council's "First Feature Film Project", "Flowing Water and Flowers" focuses on foster families, telling the story of a couple who lost their son and apply to become foster parents, and their more than ten years of foster care journey has made the two regain the feeling of becoming parents and receive spiritual healing.

Cheng shed tears when he accepted the trophy, saying that the award for best actress seemed out of reach, but sometimes it was only one step away. She admits that she was once stereotyped as a comedian and worked hard to break through the shackles and make a successful transition, so she inspires the audience: "Dreams will always be left to those who persevere." ”

The award ceremony concluded with the announcement of the best film, which was presented to "To Nineteen-Year-Old Me" directed by Zhang Wanwen. The film "The End of the Sea is a Grassland" directed by Er Dongsheng won the best Asian Chinese film. (End)