"At the end of last year, the investigations began. Before we are even finished, we have been able to conclude that the stability is not sufficient, which means that we have already moved on to the next step, says Västerås City Land Manager Mikael Norman.

The municipality takes samples of Svartån's clay and is sent to a laboratory where the strength is measured. So-called pore pressure gauges are also placed in the river, which measure the water pressure in the ground and send off an alarm if something moves.

"Flows out land in the river"

The chairman of the colony association, Svante Bylund, has had ongoing communication with the municipality for a long time, and has encountered further when they began to see more clear changes.

"In some places, land flows into Svartån, the river eats into the plot," says Svante Bylund – hear him tell more in the video.

Early to draw conclusions

Several different solutions to address the problem are on the table, but according to Mikael Norman, it is too early to draw any conclusions.

How do you think you should think as an allotment owner in this situation?

"You have to be observant. If things happen and you see that there are bigger cracks, we are happy to receive reports on it.

Listen to the City of Västerås' land manager Mikael Norman talk more about the work in the clip above.