China News Network Hong Kong, April 4 (Reporter Dai Xiaoqi) Phoenix Satellite TV's 13 large-scale cultural public welfare project "Hong Kong Nature Story" held a launching ceremony at Phoenix Satellite TV's Hong Kong headquarters on the 2023th. According to the organizers, in September this year, the project will take the lead in launching Hong Kong's first nature-themed documentary series, and will produce and distribute documentary films in the future, hoping to let Hong Kong society and young people have a deeper understanding of Hong Kong's natural culture.

It is understood that the project is jointly initiated by Phoenix Satellite TV Group and WWF Hong Kong Branch, jointly produced by Phoenix Satellite TV Group and China Resources Group, and fully supported by the Hong Kong SAR Government. Through the shooting of large-scale TV documentaries, documentary films, and planning forums, movie viewings, nature classes, outdoor guided tours and other activities, the project will use the blended narratives of history, culture, natural sciences, political and economic development and other fields to show another side of Hong Kong that is not well known to the world, including the rich natural environment and biodiversity, world-class ecological conservation and successful urban sustainable development model, presenting Hong Kong's competitiveness and charm from a new perspective.

At the launching ceremony, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) John Lee Ka-chiu sent a congratulatory letter congratulating the successful launch of the "Hong Kong Nature Stories" project. He said that Hong Kong has developed rapidly over the years while maintaining a rich biodiversity. Through "Hong Kong Nature Stories", I hope to learn more about the different natural features of Hong Kong, and more eagerly look forward to and welcome friends from all over the world to come to Hong Kong, personally feel the vitality of this Asian international city, enjoy the pleasant scenery of Hong Kong's natural ecology, and appreciate Hong Kong's natural stories.

Wang Xiangming, Chairman of China Resources Group, Wen Hongwu, General Manager of Bauhinia Culture Group, Xu Wei, Chairman and CEO of Phoenix TV, Sun Yusheng, Executive Deputy CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Phoenix Satellite TV, Huang Biyin, CEO of WWF Hong Kong Chapter, and Li Leshi, Founder of Polar Museum Foundation, attended the event as officiating guests.

Mr Lee sent a congratulatory letter congratulating the Hong Kong Nature Story project on its smooth development. Photo by Dai Xiaoyu

Xu Wei said that the original intention of Phoenix Satellite TV to launch the "Hong Kong Nature Story" project is to be grateful and love Hong Kong. It is hoped that through the all-media communication and all-platform interaction of Phoenix Satellite TV Group at home and abroad, it will attract more attention from the international community, so that the vitality of Hong Kong's natural culture will become a part of Hong Kong's international influence.

Zhou Bing, a member of the project's core creative team and a Chinese documentary filmmaker, said in an interview with China News Agency that the project uses professional equipment to photograph Hong Kong's natural resources, natural beauty and natural animals in various ways such as special effects macro and microscopy. For example, Zhou Bing said that in the process of photographing egrets, the team needs to spend a long time to record the growth stories of herons in different periods such as hatching, feeding, feeding and flying, among which the team members should continuously increase their understanding of Hong Kong's natural science geographical information, "What we want to do is to transform the professional knowledge of marine experts, wetland experts and other professionals into professional stories, so that science is both popular and interesting." (End)