"If my client made his needs in the evening, he had to live with them until the staff either came to the ward or were back the next morning. It was terrible conditions, says defense lawyer Jenny Fugleberg to P4 Malmöhus.

The man, a foreign truck driver, was suspected of drug smuggling and was detained for a month and a half in the summer of 2021. When the man was acquitted in the Court of Appeal, the defence lawyer demanded that he receive SEK 490,000 in compensation from the Chancellor of Justice (JK). But JK decided on an even higher amount, SEK 560,000, which is unique, according to Chancellor of Justice Mari Heidenborg.

As more detainees are placed in converted detention facilities, she believes that demands for higher compensation may come from more people who have been detained and then acquitted of criminal suspicions. But an assessment of each individual case is required because the standard of the temporary premises varies, she emphasizes.