, April 4 (Zhang Dongfang) China's economy has recovered steadily, and the world continues to be optimistic about China's development prospects. Recently, Chris Lipscombe, chairman of the New Zealand China Friendship Association, fully affirmed China's role in promoting global economic recovery in an interview with, believing that China is an increasingly important engine of the world economy.

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Li Kaisheng said that China is the engine of the Asian economy. When the financial crisis struck in 2008, the friendly relationship between China and New Zealand was one of the positive factors that helped New Zealand through the crisis. He said that China has increasingly become an important engine of world economic growth. "We need to rely on China's economic strength and resilience to bring the Asia-Pacific region into a more prosperous era."

2023 marks the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative. Over the past decade, the Belt and Road Initiative has become a popular platform for international public goods and international cooperation, providing new opportunities for the world. Lai Kaisheng is optimistic about Singapore-China cooperation, saying that New Zealand companies can seize opportunities with Chinese partners and share the dividends brought by the Belt and Road Initiative.

The 2023 Government Work Report proposes to make greater efforts to attract and utilize foreign investment. Expand market access and open up the modern service sector. Implement the national treatment of foreign-funded enterprises.

Video: Li Kaisheng, Chairman of the New Zealand China Friendship Association: China creates a more certain environment for foreign-funded enterprises in China|World View Source: China News Network

In Li Kaisheng's view, the predictability and certainty of China's macroeconomic policies is a good thing for Chinese enterprises in foreign investment. He believes that China's formulation of the Special Administrative Measures for Foreign Investment Access (Negative List) to clarify which goods can enter and exit the Chinese market is "one of the most helpful policies" for foreign enterprises.

He also said that China has made great progress in IP management and in establishing and enforcing transparent rules. "China's increasing emphasis on intellectual property protection has undoubtedly created a more certain environment for companies that want to establish a foothold in China or have already established a foothold."

Regarding the prospects of New Zealand companies in China, Lai believes that New Zealand has a lot to learn from Chinese companies, scientists, engineers and researchers. He praised China for targeting market needs and moving quickly to meet them. "This is also a good market verification opportunity for New Zealand companies in China. New Zealand's advantageous industries, such as agriculture and livestock, can enter the Chinese market to develop. I have always believed that there are opportunities for New Zealand businesses to grow in third world markets or third world countries. ”

In February 2023, China announced the orderly resumption of outbound tourism by Chinese citizens. New Zealand is one of the first pilot countries for Chinese group outbound tours, which brings good news to the New Zealand tourism industry, and Li Kaisheng is also looking forward to the visit of Chinese tourists.

He pointed out that previously, due to the new crown epidemic, New Zealand closed its borders and lost a lot of foreign exchange earnings. Prior to this, the number of Chinese tourists entering New Zealand was second only to Australia. "The number of Chinese tourists is huge and the per capita consumption is very significant, which is very important for New Zealand. We look forward to the return of Chinese tourists. Li Kaisheng said.

In addition, Lai Kaisheng spoke positively of Singapore-China relations. 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Singapore and China, and he said that since the establishment of diplomatic relations, the commercial exchanges and trade volume between the two countries have increased amazingly. He also said that Singapore-China relations have experienced ups and downs for half a century, and he is happy to see that the friendly relations between the two countries have brought peace and prosperity to both sides.

He stressed that the two countries should enhance their understanding and trust of each other. "Not just business, trade, but also cultural, artistic, sports, film exchanges, etc., all of which ensure that we better understand each other's culture and motivation, and I would like to see both sides strengthen these exchanges." (End) (New Zealand Chinese media China News Agency Xin Yuqi and Jia Tianwei also contributed to this article)