The Syrian Artists Syndicate Damascus branch mourned on Sunday the Syrian actor Faiq Erksoussi, who died at the age of 69, after a struggle with illness. His colleagues and a number of his fans and followers recalled his most important works, expressing their sadness at his death.

The syndicate explained in a second publication that the funeral of the deceased will be today from Al-Mujtahid Hospital in Damascus, noting that the funeral prayer will be after the noon prayer in the Abdullah bin Rawaha Mosque, Bab Musal Square, and then the remains are buried in the Bab Al-Saghir cemetery.

Singer Nour Erksoussi mourned her father in a post she shared on her Facebook account, and posted a picture of him and her deceased mother and said: Gather the loved ones. Thank you for getting to know each other and loving you and culminating in a marriage that resulted in the presence of the most precious brothers in my life, thank God for everything, my father, my friend, my brother and my companion in this life in the custody of God. She continued: "If only all daughters had a father like you (..).

He was born in Damascus on June 3, 1954 in the Shaghour neighborhood, graduated from the Institute of Dramatic Arts in Cairo, and has several television series.

He is considered one of the most prominent stars of Syria who participated in a number of productions, including the series "A Lane Forgotten by Time, Innocent Sinners, Snakeskin, Spot of Light, Birth from the Loin, Departure to the Other Face" in addition to "Flashes of Our History".

He participated in theatrical, television and film artistic works. Syrian actor #فائق_عرقسوسي dies at the age of 69#سوريا

— Al Jazeera Syria (@AJA_Syria) April 9, 2023

Erksoussi also presented the character of Omar in the second part of the famous series "Abu Kamel" and also participated in the series "Ma Malakat Aymankom" as Mr. Maarouf, which sparked wide controversy at the time of its presentation.

His last role in television was as a guest star in the historical series "Conquest of Andalusia", which aired the 2022 drama season.

A number of Syrian actors published an obituary for their late colleague, including Nadine Khoury, who said in a post on her Twitter page: "The artist Faiq Erksoussi, a friend, brother and respected and calm colleague, a long journey on the path of art brought us together with all sophistication, cooperation and pure love, for his soul of mercy. My deepest condolences to his family, his fans and the artistic community. We belong to God and to Him we return.

The artist Faiq Erksoussi, a friend, brother and respected and quiet colleague, a long
journey on the path of art, brought us together with all the sophistication, cooperation and sincere love
for his soul of mercy
, sincere condolences to his family,
his fans and the artistic
community, we belong to God and to him we return

— Nadin khoury (@Nadin_khoury) April 9, 2023

For his part, actor and producer Firas Ibrahim said: "Dear artist, polite, simple, gentle and creative, I think you left us and left not only because of illness, but because you felt alienated in this complex world where your simplicity and transparency do not work. I wish mercy, tranquility and peace to your pure soul. Superior in your hospitality now, O God, and you are the dear gracious.