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As usual for Pablo Iglesias (44) and Irene Montero (35), what seemed like an innocent and romantic Instagram photo has become a loud controversy. On April 8, the Minister of Equality shared on her Instagram account an image where she appeared next to the former leader of Podemos. Both very smiling and complicit, sitting on the sofa of a porch and enjoying the guitar strumming that Iglesias seemed to emit at that time.

"Pa' fill the pockets of the apron with the future", reads the title of the photograph. This phrase implies that the director of Canal Red was singing a verse of the song La luna me sabe a poco, by Marea. A piece of music that talks about the love and sexual desire that exists between a man and a woman. Undoubtedly, to play this piece of hard rock with his acoustic guitar, Pablo Iglesias has had to make an adaptation for both his instrument and his voice.

In the absence of audio and more details, this particular holiday publication has become the focus of conjectures about the nature and intentionality of its protagonists. Iglesias and Montero decided to publish the image on Holy Saturday and just a week after Yolanda Díaz presented her candidacy with Sumar. Although it is unknown if these details have importance for a couple who, perhaps, only enjoyed their holidays in their usual secular state.

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The details

Although some Internet users have gone beyond braking when analyzing the semiotics of the image, many elements of the scenario seem to be forming a narrative. The common thread of this story is the complicity between Pablo Iglesias and Irene Montero, a couple that many considered finished for months. The former purple leader, dressed in a T-shirt the color of his former formation, plays a song to his beloved. She looks at him smiling and her affection is perceived, although part of his gesture is hidden behind his sunglasses.

On the other hand, at the same moment in which she shared this intimate moment, the Minister of Equality added a story to her Instagram that shows her good harmony with her sentimental partner and barricades. It was an image of the medium Cultura Inquieta that shows the animation of a couple sleeping in the position of the spoon. Something that, apparently, aims to show the love that still exists between them after seven years of relationship and three children in common.

Returning to the main image, only one more element should be highlighted: the bag on the table. After zooming in on the image, it has been identified that the minister was carrying a kit called "La meva regla, las mevas reglas (in Spanish: 'My rule, my rules')". It is a toiletry bag distributed by the Generalitat de Catalunya to distribute menstrual health products such as cups or compresses. In addition to information about everything related to the period and how to manage it.

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The zipper of this bag has given a lot to talk about. Especially after being confused by some people as a supposed strange substance on the table of politicians. After finishing the followers of Irene Montero "to the bun" of these accusations, several celebrities such as Itziar Castro have come to her defense. Even others who are not on the same rope as the lawyer Rubén Gisbert have urged Internet users to cease spreading the hoax.

On the other hand, there has been speculation about whether or not Pablo Iglesias knows how to play the guitar. Something he has shown to know how to do in El Hormiguero 3.0, when he was invited by Pablo Motos seven years ago. Another thing is the analysis of their good or bad arts. Even the belief that this photo can be a marketing strategy for his return to politics on the front line, and thus perhaps avoid being overtaken by the left by a Yolanda Díaz who no longer dances to his son.

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