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In the midst of a technological pandemic in which being takes precedence over being, the fundamental thing for Jesús Vázquez (57) is to remain. For more than three decades, that young man whom mothers referred to as the ideal son-in-law regardless of the sex of their children, has transformed his essence to become the epitome of male beauty with Greco-Latin roots.

This month's cover of Men's Health shows beyond the skin of our protagonist because if we talk about nudity, what really undresses is his soul.

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Jesús Vázquez is sincere: "I am a widower, the one who was the love of my life died"

Jesús Vázquez is sincere: "I am a widower, the one who was the love of my life died"

Except for an interval of eight years in which he walked through different entities, his image has been linked to Telecinco since its inauguration in March 1990, becoming not only one of the most popular faces but also the most beloved. In the cathodic memory remain The fifth march (1991-1993), There you! (2004-2008), Operación Triunfo (2005-2009) and La voz (2012-2017), among others.

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In the last year and a half, the Fuencarral chain has been losing steam to the benefit of what they derogatorily called "the sad chain" (Antena 3) that has managed to win over the public with a staging with almost all the different chromatic ranges of white. In that bonfire of vanities started by Valerio Lazarov and Paolo Vasile – recently retired with a settlement of eight million euros – Jesús Vázquez runs the risk of scorching.

His latest programs have gone up in flames. Idol Kids, First Dates Café and Bachelorette: for life they succumbed to the pyrotechnics of remote controls. But for the moment, Jesus belongs to the three million club.

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In 2022 he renewed his contract with the chain for that amount, which obliges him to present contests and talent shows. Even if he is punished by relegating him to Cuatro or doing nothing, he continues to charge. Why doesn't Telecinco rescue you with all the changes the chain is making based on its recently established code of ethics? The new dome is figuring out how to gradually eliminate the garbage that made shareholders billions of euros and that since last year threatens to bury them all. Alessandro Salem -CEO of Mediaset-, Borja Prado -president of Mediaset Spain-, Massimo Mussolini -management director-, Stefano Sala -CEO of Publiespaña-, Eduardo Escorial -director of entertainment and current affairs of Mediaset Spain-, Jaime Guerra -director of the Content Production Division Mediaset Spain- and Manuel Villanueva , -General Director of Content- yearn for a new era with quality programs.

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At the moment the veto that Vasile granted to the producers Shine Iberia and Boomerang for having taken to Mauricio Carlotti's Antena 3 the programs Pasapalabra and La voz has been lifted. In these turbulent waters has been moving so far La Fábrica de la Tele, Unieron Content, Bulldog TV, Mandarina Producciones, among others.

In a chain with a palpable image problem it is very difficult to locate Jesus because of the attributes he gives off. In the latest study conducted by Personality Media -consultancy specialized in the analysis of the image of characters- among men and women between 36 and 55 years who are their ideal target, they know him 96%, so the Galician presenter is in fifth position.

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Its image stands out for its attractiveness with 7.4%, so it acquires the first position among those of its generation. Other qualities for which it stands out are vitality (7.4%), elegance (7.2%), modernity (6.8%), trend setting (6.5%) and confidence (6.5%).

Given such data that place him as one of the best valued presenters on the national scene, Telecinco is facing a dilemma that will be a very slow process to try to place him in the chain. According to some experts consulted by LOC, the change cannot be made overnight.

Comparing him with Jorge Javier Vázquez (52) in that target of both sexes between 36 and 55 years, partner in the chain and also of the club of the three million, the Catalan is known by 94%, which holds the tenth position. In terms of image, in terms of vitality it has 4.4%, elegance (4.3%), modernity (5.2%), trend setting (4.3%) and confidence (3.7%).

With Roberto

The well-being that Jesús Vázquez transmits to the audience is largely due to the serenity of his personal life, since he maintains a relationship with Roberto Cortés for 22 years that culminated in a wedding in 2005 in the premises of the Municipal Board of the Center of Madrid in a ceremony officiated by his friend Trinidad Jiménez, at that time socialist spokesman in the City Council.

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In addition, what brings him especially close to people is their sensitivity and vulnerability. He doesn't mind crying in front of the cameras and showing the pain that certain events have caused him at certain times in his life.

Undoubtedly, his physical appearance is also a fundamental pillar, since it serves as an example to fight against the prevailing ageism in a society in which anything goes for a normally vacuous image.

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