Russian President Vladimir Putin will invite President Lukashenko of Belarus, an ally of Belarus, to hold a meeting to discuss strengthening cooperation between the two countries, including in terms of economic and security issues. As Japan intensifies its confrontational stance with the West, concrete discussions are expected to proceed on the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus.

Ukrainian President Visits Poland to Appeal for Further Strengthening of Support

Ukraine, which will soon be invaded by Russian troops, is ready to embark on a large-scale reversal offensive, and President Zelensky visited neighboring Poland on the 5th and appealed for further strengthening of support for the complete recapture of the territory.

Russia invites Belarusian President to Moscow for meeting

In response, Russian President Vladimir Putin invited President Lukashenko of neighboring Belarus, an ally of Belarus, to Moscow, and on June 6, key ministers from both countries will participate in a meeting aimed at creating a future union state.

At the meeting, the two countries are scheduled to discuss strengthening cooperation in a wide range of fields, including economic and security aspects.

In March, President Putin announced that he would deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus and that he would build a facility to store nuclear weapons by July 3.

Russia and Belarus claim that the threat of NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization is increasing, which will accelerate military assistance to Ukraine, and it is expected that concrete discussions will be advanced toward the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons at the meeting on the 7th, further strengthening their restraint on the West.