Hong Kong, April 4 (Reporter Wei Huadu) The Artificial Intelligence Robotics Laboratory of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) was officially opened on April 4 to strengthen science and technology education and promote co-creation and innovation among students and researchers.

PolyU AI Robotics Laboratory in Hong Kong opened. Photo by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

According to reports, PolyU's AI Robotics Laboratory covers a total area of 1800,4 square meters, equipped with advanced robotic arms, robots, automated guided vehicles, drones, as well as AI robots and Industry 0.<>-related learning kits, which can be used to explore collaborative robot application development, component manufacturing, control system design, autonomous system development, robot intelligence and AI algorithm design and other fields.

PolyU AI Robotics Laboratory in Hong Kong opened. Photo by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Attending the Artificial Intelligence Robotics Lab lecture event on 4 December, PolyU's Executive Vice President Lo Lai Wah said, "PolyU has always been committed to promoting whole-person education, attaching importance to innovation and entrepreneurship, nurturing talents needed by society, and has supported PolyU, researchers, alumni and students to start their own businesses for many years, providing all-round support for start-ups at different stages, so that scientific research achievements can be transformed beyond campus and transformed for the benefit of society. PolyU and HAI ROBOTICS have collaborated to set up HAI ROBOTICS Innovative warehouse automation solutions in the laboratory, which not only helps the University to develop technology, but also enables students to learn the application of innovative smart technologies. ”

Group photo of guests attending the event. Photo by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

It is understood that the AI Robotics Laboratory has 15 PolyU project teams stationed to study the application of artificial intelligence and robotics technology to different fields such as healthcare, rehabilitation, sports technology, engineering, energy, computing and sustainable development. (End)