"There is such a family of viruses – Flavivirus. Such viruses that are transmitted by mosquitoes, ticks, various insects. This group includes pathogens of very dangerous diseases: yellow fever, tick-borne encephalitis, "he said.

According to the virologist, the same group includes viruses that do not differ in severe pathogenicity, for example, "Bole tick virus 4".

"This virus, which is described by experts, it is similar to the Bole tick virus 4. How similar, and most importantly, how different? If different, it's a new member of that group. There is little knowledge on this subject, a little-studied group. It does not cause severe pathology. It's a virus that needs to be studied. It is difficult to say that he poses a threat, "Altstein concluded.

Earlier, Altstein warned that a vaccine has not yet been created against the new Haseki virus, which is transmitted through a tick bite.