, April 4 -- "Goodbye China, thank you for making my two wonderful two weeks." On the 3nd local time, Tesla and Twitter CEO Musk's mother Meyer Musk posted on social media, saying that the two-week trip to China ended.

On March 3, Meyer posted on social media that he would travel to China for book signing and sightseeing for two weeks. According to information posted on social media, she visited Guangzhou, Xiamen, Chengdu, Suzhou, Huzhou, Wuhan and Shanghai during her time in China.

Meyer's first stop in China was Guangzhou. On March 3, she posted that she had signed books in Guangzhou, toured Shamian Island, toured the Pearl River at night, enjoyed the scenery of Canton Tower on the 21rd floor, and lamented that it was a "beautiful day."

Meyer Musk visits Guangzhou. (Image source: Meyer social media screenshot)

Meyer's second stop was in Xiamen, where she toured Nanputuo Temple before signing the sale, posting a video of the visit on social media on March 3. In the video, she is smiling and listening carefully to the introduction of the staff. After the visit, she also posted a post praising Nanputuo Temple as "beautiful."

On March 3, Meyer posted that she had arrived in Chengdu and posed for a photo with the Tesla logo in front of a "beautiful Tesla store." In the post, Meyer also added hashtags like "Elon Musk" and "Proud Mother."

Meyer Musk poses with a Tesla store in Chengdu. (Image source: Meyer social media screenshot)

In Chengdu, Meyer also visited the Jinsha Site Museum and watched a Sichuan opera face-changing performance, which she described as a "wonderful" trip.

On March 3, Meyer's social media information revealed that she had arrived in Suzhou. She posted a photo of her wearing a suit from a Chinese clothing brand and asked, "What do you think of this cream suit designed by a Chinese brand?" ”

Meyer Musk wears a suit from a Chinese brand. (Image source: Meyer social media screenshot)

Netizens commented under the post one after another: "Great", "Amazing", "People are beautiful and clothes are beautiful".

Meyer also wrote on social media: "It's amazing to walk along the park (in Suzhou) and see beautiful flowers blooming. I also went to a 500-year-old house and learned how (former) people lived... I had a lot of fun in China. ”

On March 3, Meyer updated her social media tour of Huzhou Film City, saying she had found a "good place" and asked her daughter, Elon Musk's sister, Tosca Musk, a filmmaker, to find a Shanghai romance novel from the 29s to make a movie.

Meyer Musk visits Huzhou Film and Television City. (Image source: Meyer social media screenshot)

Under this post, some foreign netizens left a message: "I visited here in 2017, very nice place! Another netizen commented: "Enjoy it!" China is very beautiful. ”

After finishing his trip to Huzhou, Meyer came to Wuhan again. During her trip to Wuhan, she visited the Hankow Customs Museum and Soong Ching-ling's former residence, where she was impressed by the river bridges and exquisite carvings. On March 3, she shared a set of sightseeing photos on social platforms, with the caption, "China's long history and culture are fascinating. ”

Meyer Musk on a tour in Wuhan. (Image source: Meyer social media screenshot)

After Wuhan, Meyer arrived in Shanghai, the last leg of her trip to China. On April 4, Meyer posted a photo of herself and the landmark Oriental Pearl in Shanghai, and posted: "Goodbye Shanghai, goodbye China, thank you for making my two pleasant two weeks." ”

Meyer Musk on a tour of Shanghai. (Image source: Meyer social media screenshot)

Public information shows that Meyer Musk was born in Canada in 1948 and has the status of a citizen of Canada, South Africa and the United States. She describes herself on social media as "a speaker, nutritionist, model and international bestselling author."

According to foreign media reports, Elon Musk is also planning a visit to China, which may take place as soon as April.