Rats have become a major problem in many cities. Just under two years ago, a new, more efficient trap was introduced in Malmö. Since then, more than 5,000 rats have been killed.

"It takes a huge amount of rats. When we come out to service the traps, we often hear from residents that the situation has become much better, says pest consultant Ulrica Nilsson.

The rat becomes food for other animals

The trap is powered by a carbonation cartridge and reloads automatically after each killed rat. The animals do not even have time to reach the bait, a piece of chocolate, before their neck is cracked by the construction.

"The rat dies instantly and remains under the trap. It is often taken care of in an environmentally friendly way by birds or cats, and becomes food for them, explains pest technician Anders Israelsson.

Watch the new trap in action in the clip above.