The National Police, taking advantage of the fact that Easter is, together with summer, one of the key times where thieves can make their August, launches an appeal to all citizens with the intention that robberies with force in homes stop occurring or, at least, decrease.

They begin by placing special emphasis on locking doors properly when leaving home. "We still have a lot of assaults by the slip method (which consists of inserting a sheet or card between the door frame and the latch to open it) because people do not spin when closing," they explain, adding that a small investment in the locks would solve many problems.

"Many citizens continue to have the same as they did 30 years ago... They make it easy for criminals who are engaged in this. And, in addition, if they can also bet on improving the doors of the portals would be very interesting. Changing this lock in a community of neighbors can touch little money for each owner, "they add.

In addition to these keys, the National Police advises to be aware of the witnesses of plastic, glue threads or any other element that may be on your doors since, through this method, thieves are able to identify which properties are "weakened".

In the same way, they recommend not announcing on social networks that you are out of Madrid on vacation. And they end up warning: "It is better not to leave all the blinds down since from the outside it can attract the attention of evildoers. Finally, it is advisable to ask a family member or neighbor to empty our mail from the mailbox and check the condition of the house while we are out of it. "

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