Three Britons detained in Afghanistan by Taliban

Taliban fighters drive a car down a street in Kabul on August 2, 2022 (illustration image). REUTERS - ALI KHARA

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In Afghanistan, three Britons were arrested in January and are being held by Taliban Islamists, an NGO said Saturday night.


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With our correspondent in London, Sidonie Gaucher

The three British nationals who were arrested by Taliban police are now in custody, as announced on Saturday 1 April, by The Presidium Network.

The British NGO, which "works closely" with the consulate and two of the families, believes "they are in good health and well treated." But on Twitter, the NGO urges the Taliban to release the three men since this arrest would be a "misunderstanding".

« A tourist of danger »


We are working to establish consular contact with British nationals detained in Afghanistan and we support the families," the British Foreign Office said in a statement.

According to media reports, they are Kevin Cornwell, 53, a doctor for a charity, an unnamed hotel manager for aid workers and YouTuber Miles Routledge, who describes himself as "a tourist of danger".

Five releases in 2022

Last year, the Taliban released journalist Peter Jouvenal and four other British nationals who had been detained for six months. At the time, the Afghan government spokesman accused the British of "carrying out activities contrary to the laws of the land and the traditions of the Afghan people".

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