The price of some of the most central parts of an Easter table has skyrocketed over the past year. Eggs and hard cheese have risen by about 30 percent and salmon, sour cream and butter are almost 40 percent more expensive today than a year ago, according to figures from Statistics Sweden (SCB).

Not everything gets more expensive

The average increase on the 15 Easter goods that SVT has compared is 21.28 percent. But there are some commodities that are well below that increase.

Potatoes are just over 15 percent more expensive than last Easter, while vodka has only risen by just over 2 percent. Fresh spices – such as dill, chives and parsley – have risen in price by more than 8 percent.

Reduced prices after Easter

Recently, ICA announced that they are lowering the prices of selected goods, after Lidl and Coop lowered the price of several foods. But the price adjustment will take effect only after Easter, April 11.

Chef and food blogger Zeina Mourtada's tip for keeping food costs down is to use more of the cheap and less of the expensive.

– Now dairy products are very expensive, then you can halve the amount! It may not work as well in baking, where you have to be more precise because it's all about chemistry – but in messes you can't go wrong.

See how chefs save money on the Easter table in the video.