On the morning of last Wednesday, the National Police identified and requested the data to the president of New Generations of the PP in Madrid, Ignacio Dancausa, understanding that both he and a group of members of the youth of the PP, including advisors to the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, were trying to influence the elections for rector of the Complutense University of Madrid in which Joaquín Goyache ended up imposing himself on the Dean of Policy Esther del Campo.

Police sources claimed that a group of puppies of the PP in Madrid had dedicated themselves to distributing ballots to increase participation, which finally rose five points with respect to the first round among students, incurring a possible electoral crime. From the popular ranks they affirm that Dancausa was passing through the area and that he did not carry any banner or ballots when he was stopped by the agents.

The scene of identification has been repeated three times in recent months, since Dancausa is president of New Generations: in the act to appoint the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, illustrious student of the Complutense, in the feminist demonstration of March 8 and this past Wednesday. That has led the PP of Madrid to point towards the Government Delegation and affirm that "a persecution" and "a signal" is being carried out towards Dancausa.

"It is outrageous that, without having committed any type of irregularity, Ignacio Dancausa the Police have requested the data up to four times in just five months," say sources of the PP of Madrid. "It is evident that there is an attempt to intimidate, we do not know by whom, to restrict the freedom of expression of young people from Madrid who protest, in many cases, against left-wing policies or against the Government of Pedro Sánchez," they affect from the formation chaired by Ayuso.

The leader of New Generations and founder of the organization Libertad Sin Ira, who was appointed to head the popular youth last November after 10 years of immobility, was identified for the first time on January 24 by the Police at the Faculty of Information Sciences of the Complutense University of Madrid. That day, the regional president was invested illustrious student in her former faculty and was received with shouts of "Ayuso out of the University" and "Ayuso, pepera, the illustrious are out" by leftist, Trotskyist and anti-capitalist groups. On the other side, in defense of the popular leader, a dozen members of New Generations, with Dancausa at the head, responded with proclamations of "communists out of the university."

At the exit of Ayuso, when a narrow corridor formed between the students, the leader of the New Generations was identified by the National Police, present at the event. "We didn't do anything, we went with a peaceful attitude. It makes me suspect that the police took me out and asked me for the data when the violent ones were others who wanted to attack the president, "says Dancausa himself in a telephone conversation with this newspaper.

The same situation was repeated in the demonstration of 8-M, when members of the young branch of the PP, with its president again among them, appeared on the tour, near where the PSOE delegation was deployed, with a banner with the slogan Que te vote Tito Berni, at the height of the Mediator case, and the tension increased among those present. The puppies of the PP were rebuked by members of the feminist movements and by others present when considering that their intention was to provoke. It was at that moment when the National Police had to intervene to remove the members of New Generations from there and again Dancausa was required to provide their data. Just like last Wednesday.

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