In a surprising move, Egyptian musician Rajeh Daoud disavowed the music of the series "Sarra Al-Bata" directed by Khaled Youssef, through a statement he launched on his official Facebook page, accusing the director of the work that what he did is a crime.

Daoud pointed out in the statement that he composed special music for the work, and the registration and contracting were done under the known conditions and adhered to the delivery dates, but he was surprised to use music he had composed for the film "Al-Rayes Omar Harb" for the same director, and when he objected to the matter, Khaled Youssef told him that there was no problem because the music was composed by him.

The musician explained that he remained silent after that, but he noticed the use of melodic sentences that are not composed by him, and he does not know who composed them, despite the presence of his name on the Tatars as the owner of the music of the work from beginning to end, so he decided to explain to his audience the situation because it is a "crime" to attribute to him music that he did not compose.

"What director Khaled Youssef did is not permissible in any way or under any circumstances and cannot be justified on the grounds that there are missing parts that need music, despite his approval after listening to the full music, because the responsible first and foremost is the composer Rajeh Daoud, who does not accept at all to be said to have taken a sentence from a colleague here or there, out of respect for myself, my history and my profession," he said.

Khaled Youssef's retirement

Daoud's declaration of innocence of the soundtrack of the series comes after Khaled Youssef commented on the public's criticism of the music of the series during his guest appearance on the program "Your interaction" and said that it is music related to his films and the permission of its makers, and there is no problem with that.

During the same episode, Khaled Youssef announced the decision to stay away from television directing again, and said that he was satisfied with what he presented, especially since television work takes a long enough time to make more than one film.

The director commented on his criticism of the use of a tall actor to present the character of Napoleon Bonaparte, leader of the French campaign on Egypt and famous for his short stature, saying that Youssef Chahine when he presented Nasser Salah al-Din chose the artist Ahmed Mazhar, although his formal features were different, and said that he does not see in it a major crisis, but who fabricates it does not understand the meaning of art, and talked about international artists who presented well-known characters without makeup because the important thing is acting, and described critics of the series as "Almtfthin" a word colloquially Egyptian refers to people who exaggerate and give things too much.

The series "Sira Al-Bata" revolves between two times: the French campaign against Egypt, the revolution of January 25, 2011, and it stars a collective of more than 60 actors and actresses, including Ahmed Al-Saadany, Ahmed Fahmy, Hussein Fahmy, Naglaa Badr, Amr Abdel Jalil, Salah Abdullah, Hala Sedky.