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Yoli Tenacillas, la Fashionaria, Yoli Bucle, Yoli de Palma, Yoli Suma Cero, Barbie Emociones... are some of the nicknames that the journalist Federico Jiménez Losantos, one of the most critical voices of his management, has given to the second vice president of the Government. Nicknames that for their wit and jocularity have taken over Spaniards of all conditions, even their followers.

It is a fact: the appearance of Yolanda Díaz (51 years old), striking and different from that of her colleagues on the bench, gives for all kinds of comments. In this country it is still surprising that the aesthetics of a woman -or a man- of communist convictions gave much d theperroflautismo that illustrated the 15M.

In beige tones with asymmetrical buttons. AGENCIES

However, things have changed. The champion of the new Podemos (Sumar), the most famous Galician with the permission of the zariña Marta Ortega, can not be more flirtatious, feminine and feminist and give more importance to her image. No one can deny that he thinks and much what he wears, that he goes to the hairdresser once a month to dye and cut his ends and that he subtracts hours of sleep to spend the iron every morning for his hair to the Marta Chávarri.

Baby pink and neckline. GTRES

His style could be described as indefinite or eclectic. Díaz is a real sample of trends of recent decades, it shows that he has a good wardrobe background because he rarely repeats the model and nothing resists him: prints, pleats, heels, sneakers, tank tops, jeans, midi skirts, halter necklines ... She seems to feel safe with her body and care little about what feels better or worse because she dares everything: one day she is male, another lady, the next, fluid. Experts do not consider it stylish, but it is clever and lucid.

With androgynous look in ARCO. AGENCIES

"She is one of the Spanish references who has best understood, demonstrated and defended that political women do not have to masculinize, renounce their femininity, to occupy a position. There has been a change in his image but, unlike many, the evolution of his style has been for the better and, in addition, with a communicative purpose: to soften a message for many still radical. It is not the same when she affirms that she is a communist with a smile than when Pablo Iglesias said it with a frown and always angry, "says the expert in non-verbal political communication Patrycia Centeno, consulted by this supplement.

With checkered trench coat and sneakers. AGENCIES

For this specialist, shapes, body language, clothing and intonation are the background "and she is a great aesthetic strategist. You know what you want to convey and how to do it. With his style he has also managed to make people on the left who were disgusted with the care of the image now rethink what to throw on before leaving home, although the result, obviously, is not the same. It has also put the batteries to certain more conservative sectors, "he says.

With voluminous shirt and wide green pants. Mane in the wind.

"You can tell that he likes fashion and that he controls the subject, wide pantsuits and oversize clothes fit him very well, also mark waist. It is original because he wears different sleeves, ranglan type, and dares to go in jeans and sneakers to Congress, something that on the other hand seems inappropriate to me. It suits very well neutral tones, whites, beiges, grays. She doesn't want to be a boring executive, she wears a lot of a high shirt that favors her," adds Elisa Álvarez, fashion, beauty and lifestyle editor at Telva. "What I would change is the hairdresser, those highlights he wears are very outdated."

With camel coat, very chic. AGENCIES

Patrycia Centeno also speaks out about her way of communicating her message. "It meets the requirements of female leadership: One: serenity, the excellence of empathy and the ability to manage positive and negative emotions and give a response, if necessary give a fact without falling into provocations; Two: his tenderness; It is firm but protective. The third requirement: exemplary elegance. She is very sweet in her facial and body expression. For some, something excessive that infantilizes her. But we must also be aware that everything that relates to qualities associated with the feminine is dismissed as unserious."

According to this expert, Yolanda Díaz is very close: "It helps the smile of the eyes and that it is very touchy and feels natural. When in a pandemic everyone bumped their fist (a gesture that was still confrontational); She caressed the fist they offered her. It's just a detail but he points out that his is another way of leading."

Yolanda, in lady plan. AGENCIES

Centeno concludes his X-ray: "If the right wants to attack it, do not focus on comments that only denote envy; its stylistic weakness has been when it has been granted the luxury of defending a low cost brand such as Zara. It will be very patriotic and the dirt will throw him a lot, but fast fashion and ecosocialism are simply antagonistic."

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