This measure, taken in the name of ecology, was to last take place on April 1, but at the end of March, the government, citing the inflationary context, had again postponed the deadline, without immediately advancing a new date for its entry into force.

"This is a postponement, it does not call into question at all the validity of this common-sense measure, which will be applied. It's just that we have to be pragmatic, that we adapt to the context, "said last Sunday to AFP the office of Olivia Grégoire, Minister Delegate for Trade.

"When you have inflation at 15% on the shelves, that the receipt is a landmark for many French, it seemed important to us to keep this benchmark" the time to "pass the inflationary peak," added the same source.

Faced with the waltz of prices, especially in supermarkets, many consumers continue to frequently consult their receipt to check the details of their shopping.

The end of the systematic printing of receipts at the end of a commercial transaction - unless explicitly requested by the customer - stems from the "anti-waste and circular economy" law, voted in 2020.

The measure aims to reduce the production of waste, while nearly 30 billion tickets are printed each year in France.

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