Climbing walls, gates or gutters to later force doors or windows and rob homes. This is how the man arrested by the National Police acted, accused of having robbed at least eight homes in the districts of Salamanca, Arganzuela and Chamberí.

"The investigation is still open, surely there are some more since, after the searches made, we have not yet identified the owners of some objects," one of the investigators of Group XI of the Judicial Police of Madrid, in charge of this case, tells this newspaper.

National Police was on the trail of this subject after some Madrilenians filed several complaints for robberies through the so-called "escalo" method. All presented the same "modus operandi", focusing on "homes of first floors or ground floor", in areas of high purchasing power.

After forcing the locks, he accessed the interior of the buildings and acted with haste: enough time to take all kinds of valuables such as jewelry, watches, computers, bags, glasses, clothes or cash.

After carrying out numerous investigations, the agents managed to identify the author of the robberies carried out between last September and this March. The detainee dragged up to 19 police records for similar events. "He was a specialized criminal," says the investigator, specifying that they put the handcuffs on March 14, "only 24 hours after his last assault."

In the author's home and vehicle searches, authorities found a large number of allegedly stolen effects. Many of them have already been returned to the affected owners, who were "very grateful" after their return.

After being brought to justice, the author was remanded in custody by order of the judge, who attributed to him seven offences of burglary at home and one offence of damage.

The National Police has launched a special appeal for citizens to be careful and not make it easy for robbers, advising a series of precautionary measures.

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