Hong Kong, 4 April (ZXS) -- Fans: On the 1th anniversary of Leslie Cheung's death, fans went to Hong Kong to lay flowers: I want to get closer to you

China News Agency reporter Dai Xiaoqi

On April 2023, 4, the weather in Hong Kong was gloomy and drizzling. On the 1th anniversary of the death of artist Leslie Cheung, countless "fans" brought flowers, paper cranes and heart cards to the door of Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong, braving the rain to pay their respects.

Among them, there are foreign fans who have crossed the sea to Hong Kong, and there are mainland tourists who have taken more than ten hours of transportation just to personally deliver their "brother" card; There are children less than a meter tall, and there are white-haired old men who stagger on crutches.

Fans: April Day on Earth Everyone always thinks of him

In the sea of long flowers tens of meters at the memorial site, two children are particularly conspicuous, their father Li Lingwu said in an interview with the China News Agency that this year is the 20th anniversary of Leslie Cheung's death, he especially brought his two children and more than 50 fans of the Henan Rong Fan Association from the mainland to Hong Kong, Mr. Li said that his 7-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter are Leslie Cheung fans, "Although they are young, but they know a lot about Leslie Cheung." He said that he and his son like to listen to "Love of the Year" the most, and his daughter likes "A Thousand Songs", and the family will play Leslie Cheung's classic golden songs on a loop every day.

When interviewed by reporters, Ms. Li of the Wuxi Fan Association couldn't help but hum Leslie Cheung's "The Wind Continues to Blow", "'Brother' once said, if a friend asks you who are the Hong Kong singers in the 80s, you can mention me a little, I will be very satisfied." Ms. Li choked up and said that in fact, every April day in the world, everyone will always think of him, "There is no way to come to Hong Kong during the epidemic, I just watch his movies and listen to his songs at home, I always feel that I can be closer to him." ”

Friend: He always cared about people and made everyone happy

Universal Records, which Leslie Cheung signed before his death, recently launched a new project "REMEMBRANCE Leslie", and invited Hong Kong actor Li Lizhen, who had cooperated with Leslie Cheung to film, as the MV heroine. In an interview with reporters, she said that the shooting of the MV evoked many memories of her, "It was the bits and pieces of getting along back then." ”

Li Lizhen recalled that when she filmed the movie "Love for You" with Leslie Cheung, she was very nervous as a newcomer, but Leslie Cheung did not put any pressure on her, "He treated me like an older brother, he was very serious in front of the camera, but behind the camera, he was like a naughty child." ”

On the anniversary day, in addition to a group of fans, Leslie Cheung's former friends also posted nostalgia on social platforms, and even held concerts to relive Leslie Cheung's classic golden songs.

Before the start of "Continue to Pamper • Twenty Years • Concert" held at the Hong Kong Coliseum, the artist "Fat Mother" Maria Cordero said in an interview: "Leslie Cheung is so good, he has never had a shelf, and he treats his friends' affairs as his own." She said that the deepest impression was Leslie Cheung's smile, "He loves to make everyone laugh and always makes everyone happy." ”

Referring to the interesting facts in Leslie Cheung's life, "fat mother" joked that he especially likes to play mahjong, but at the same time he is very healthy, "Every time I play mahjong for a long time, but every time I say that I want to drink lemon water, or lemon tea, absolutely dripping wine." ”

"Fat Mom" mentioned that when she learned of Leslie Cheung's accident 20 years ago, her first reaction was that it was an "April Fool's Day" joke, "I was very angry and scolded them and said, don't make this kind of joke, it's not fun at all." "Fat Mom" said that she was sad for a long time, "others are too good, always taking care of others, making people happy, leaving sadness and sadness to themselves, this is too hard." ”

Hong Kong actor Wen Xueer, who had collaborated with Leslie Cheung on many TV series in the early years, told reporters that she and Leslie Cheung met when filming the TV series "Huanhua Washing Sword Record" in 1978, and their friendship also extended from the play to outside the play, "At that time, he was a happy person who often laughed." Wen Xueer said that she likes Leslie Cheung's "Monica" the most, "Every time I hear this song, I think of that funny, happy and humorous Leslie Cheung, and hope that he is all right in another world." (End)