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Her name is Ana María Hernández, she was born in Águilas (Murcia) and married the Argentine Jorge Rodríguez Gorjón, whom she met in the Huesca town of Jaca. The couple had two daughters, Ivana and Georgina. Cristiano Ronaldo's partner was born in 1994 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where they traveled for Ana Maria and Ivana to meet their father's family. This is how Georgina herself once related it: "My father is Argentine and my mother is from Murcia. They went to Buenos Aires with my sister Ivana so they could meet my father's family. They decided to stay there for a while and I was born. My father tried to convince my mother to live in Argentina, but he did not succeed and, when I was one year old, they returned to Murcia. Afterwards, we moved to live in Jaca."

Jorge Rodriguez, who had been a player for Racing de Avellaneda, came to Spain in 1984 for football. First, he settled in Elche, where he married a woman named María Jesús with whom he had his first daughter, Patricia Estela. Patricia Estela lost her mother when she was 11 years old and her father, when he went to Argentina to work, left her in charge of his stepmother, Ana María, who, as he confessed on one occasion, "put her in a boarding school in Huesca with 15 years".

After playing in several Valencian teams of the Third Division, Jorge Rodríguez moved to Jacetano of the First Regional Division, first as a player and then as a coach in the 1985-1986 season.

The family then enjoyed a certain economic position, so they decided to make some investments in the hotel industry and set up a hamburger restaurant in the bar area of Jaca. Although Ana María Hernández managed the business, it was her husband who was in the place day by day. Theydidn't do well because, due to debts, they closed a year later.

Economic problems began to add up for the couple in the years leading up to the economic crisis, which ended up precipitating the breakup. Jorge Rodríguez moved away from the world of football and, in 2003, when the family had moved to live in Madrid, he was arrested for drug trafficking and sentenced to six years in prison.

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Georgina: the girl from Jaca becomes an insufferable diva


Georgina: the girl from Jaca becomes an insufferable diva

When he served four years behind bars, he was extradited to his country of origin where in 2017 he suffered a stroke and, two years later, died due to the sequelae that had led him to lose mobility. Almost everything is known about Georgina's father, but not about her mother, a discreet woman full of mystery about whom little or nothing is known. On the occasion of the premiere of the second season of the docurealitySoy Georgina, the interest of the media for her and the reasons why she remains in the background has been reawakened.

Some say that it is to preserve their privacy from the spotlight of their daughter's fame, others say that it is to hide issues from the past that Georgina does not want to come to light for fear of not being accepted by her closest friends. For example, in 2018, LOC echoed some information, unconfirmed, that pointed out that Ana María "worked at night". It was even claimed that they met at a nightclub that Jorge Rodríguez had on the outskirts of Jaca where Ana María worked.

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In that report, Jesús Hernández, the youngest of Ana María's six siblings, gave some clue about the whereabouts of Georgina's mother: "That one is more hidden... Ana Mari was in Italy until recently, because now she lives in Girona, in a house that her daughter is paying for."

He added: "That's what they tell me, because I have no contact with her." At the end of 2017 he returned to Jaca to put up for sale his only property in the town of Huesca: a studio of 33 square meters for which he asked 57,000 euros. Georgina Rodríguez lived in Jaca from the age of three to 17 and for almost twelve months worked as a waitress in a hotel in the Huesca town of Graus.

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In the first season of the reality show the people and places in Jaca that most marked his life, because, as he said, Jaca is the city where he grew up. In the second season of Soy Georginashe remembers her childhood in Jaca. A photo of her dressed in ski clothes appears, next to a bus from the town of Huesca, while she says: "I love snow and it gives me a lot of peace because it transports me to my childhood; My mother always took us on weekends to the snow, it was magical." And Christmas: "When I was little and we had to decorate our house, as we did not have much money, my mother took my sister and me to the Quarry, which is a walk in Jaca, and we took chestnuts, mosses, leaves, pineapples and then we set up the Bethlehem ".

Georgina and Ivana laughingly comment that "as children we slept together in bed with a bag of hot water for both of us and as we were putting our feet together, we scratched each other with our nails; our names were Gaviota y Gavilán." Also that they went from living in a small apartment to a townhouse "and when the crisis came we returned to the 27-meter apartment".

Regarding her mother, Georgina wrote on her social networks: "I want to thank my family. The one that hasn't let go of my hand since I came into this world. Thanks to my mother and my sister Ivana for accompanying me on the path of life, because we have always been a small family of three, but this has made us unconditional and inseparable. Thank you, mother, for the values you instilled in us, which today I cannot live without them. Love and respect."

When her daughter was born, she contacted her mother Ana María Hernández to enjoy her presence, and Georgina herself wrote on Instagram: "It is very nice to see my mother cradle Alana Martina next to her chest. I don't change this feeling for anything. I love my parents, I love my family."

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