DRC: Felix Tshisekedi demands "results" from the reshuffled government

Congolese President at Felix Tshisekedi, May 18, 2021. AP - Ludovic Marin

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The new government of Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde met for the first time on Friday 31 March for the Council of Ministers.


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With our correspondent in Kinshasa, Pascal Mulegwa

According to the minutes read by the government spokesman, Felix Tshisekedi devoted most of this meeting to recalling the priorities and mode of conduct of his ministers. He called on them to strictly observe solidarity among members, to preserve the secrecy of deliberation, hierarchical subordination and cultivate collegiality.


You have an obligation to achieve results ", he told them at the beginning of the meeting, which lasted three and a half hours. A little more than eight months before the presidential election, he urged his ministers to "stay focused" on the expectations of the population.

These include the return of peace, security and territorial defence. Results expected for Deputy Prime Ministers Peter Kazadi and Jean-Pierre Bemba.

Tshisekedi also expects Vital Kamerhe, former chief of staff who became deputy prime minister in charge of the economy, to improve purchasing power by stabilizing the national currency, which has plummeted against the US dollar. It will also be responsible for improving the socio-economic conditions of the populations.

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