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The head of state Emmanuel Macron paid tribute this Saturday to Edmond Maudière. The World War II resistance fighter died recently at the age of 96. He had fought in the maquis of Glières, in the Alps, becoming one of the greatest figures of the conflict. The Elysee praised his "bravery".

President Emmanuel Macron paid tribute Saturday to the "bravery" of resistance fighter Edmond Maudière who fought in the maquis of Glières, in the Alps, during the Second World War, and recently died at 96.

Born in 1926 in the Marne, Edmond Maudière participated in the defense of this symbolic high place of the Resistance, despite a recent questioning of the scale of the battle that was fought there. "He was one of the ultimate figures of the epic of Glières," greeted the head of state, paying tribute, in a statement published by the Elysee, to the "memory of these dark silhouettes on a white snow and under a tricolor flag".

It is with great sadness that I learn of the passing of Edmond Maudière, hero of the French resistance and figure of the appellation #Champagne.

At the age of 16, he joined the 467 women and men of the Glières Plateau, an emblematic territory of the values of the...

— Franck LEROY (@Franck_LEROY_) March 31, 2023

A life in the United States and Australia

Succeeding in exfiltrating, Edmond Maudière had returned to the Marne, before becoming a liaison officer in the 5th US Army of the famous General George Patton. After the war, he became an oenologist, a career that led him to the management of Moët & Chandon in the United States and Australia.

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On March 31, 2019, Emmanuel Macron commemorated, with former President Nicolas Sarkozy, the 75th anniversary of the fighting on the Glières plateau. From January to the end of March 1944, 465 maquisards had gathered there to receive parachutes of weapons from the allies. Attacked by the German army and the Vichy militia on March 26, 124 of them were killed in combat or shot, nine disappeared and 16 died in deportation.