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"I will never be alone again." Ana Obregón responded with this lapidary phrase to the question that last Wednesday was asked all of Spain: Why? The bombshell of ¡Hola! Announcing that the actress had been a sexagenarian mother of a surrogate girl left us in shock. Since then, nothing else has been discussed. From Irene Montero to the neighbor of the fifth, everything quisque has opined, defended, criticized or directly lynched the actress. She, meanwhile, remains locked in her rented Miami apartment with the baby, who they say is named after her, who has "brought her back to life" at age 68.

More than a thousand Spanish families resort to surrogacy every year, despite the fact that it is a practice that is not legal in our country, including many celebrities, but never had a debate of such magnitude arisen. Celia, one of his sisters, has acknowledged that they are surprised by the controversy. "With the problems that exist in Spain, it is embarrassing that this is almost a matter of State," he said.

In the case of Ana Obregón there are two elements that have fueled the controversy. First of all, her age, more typical of a grandmother than a mother. Those who defend her assure that she is being a victim of ageism, but it is inevitable to visualize that adolescent girl with an elderly mother.

The other peculiarity is the mourning that the actress is living since her only son, Aless, died of cancer three years ago. It has been legion who have accused her of "buying" a baby to overcome the death of her son. The message of "I will never be alone anymore" came to give the reason to the haters, who have branded it as selfish.

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7,000 kilometers from Madrid, Ana is no stranger to the earthquake it has caused. From his Instagram account, which has reached one million followers, he thanked the "thousands of messages of affection" he has received and, incidentally, wanted to make it clear that his "soul friends", Susana Uribarri and Raúl Castillo, knew nothing about the subject. He denies that they were the ones who leaked the news.

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Who are the brothers of Ana García Obregón, which knew the news and which support it


Who are the brothers of Ana García Obregón, which knew the news and which support it

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The three keys to Ana Obregón's armor at the birth of her daughter

  • Writing: GTRES

The three keys to Ana Obregón's armor at the birth of her daughter

The exclusive of the year (of the decade, even) came from the hand of the agency Gtres, which photographed the actress with the baby in her arms leaving the hospital in a wheelchair. According to the magazine, only her sisters Celia and Amalia, as well as Alessandro Lequio, knew about the plans that Ana began to implement a year ago.

"We have worked for a long time with the greatest discretion and with all the respect with which we can face this situation so that Ana Obregón lived it with the naturalness and solitude with which she wanted to live it," explained Sandra Aladro, director of the agency, in El Programa de Ana Rosa. "It has been a miracle to keep the news from leaking," he added.

And she gave more details, such as that she arrived alone in Miami a few days before the girl was born, and that her sisters, to whom she is very close, have not accompanied her.

Many questions remain in the air as rumors and speculation about the paternity of the baby are unleashed. From the beginning the theory was launched that the girl could actually be Ana's granddaughter, since she would have been gestated with frozen sperm from Aless. In Sálvame that theory was abounded when María Patiño advanced that the actress has fulfilled the wishes of Aless. "She had three legacies that her son had left her and has carried them out." He was referring to the publication of the book, The boy with the shrews, which did not give him time to finish and which will come to light on April 19, and to the foundation he has created against cancer. The third would be that girl because, according to Patiño, Aless wanted to start a family. "These three legacies are the basis of Ana's existence and the reason why she would have carried out the surrogacy," said the journalist of Sálvame.

It is possible that the actress herself ends up explaining the circumstances that have surrounded the birth of this girl so mediatic. Maybe she will do it in Hello! or maybe she will give some clue in the book, edited by Harpers Collins, which she has been in charge of finishing.

Ana and her baby will arrive in a few weeks in Spain, which awaits them with open arms to continue generating headlines. Here the girl will be registered in the pages of the Civil Registry, but also in those of the couché paper.

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