So, they include tutors, teachers, specialists in the field of educational services in preparation for the Unified State Exam, OGE and passing entrance tests to universities.

"We recorded a surge in user interest in the performers of services in the field of Education in the second half of February - early March, and it has not decreased so far. This is not surprising: students of the final classes need to prepare for the successful passing of exams in advance, and those who did not take care of this in advance, try to jump into the last car of the departing train. A good opportunity to earn money for specialists in this field. Every fourth search query on the platform is associated with the search for a tutor in the Russian language, mathematics and a number of other disciplines, "the specialist specified.

In addition, in connection with the approach of summer, the demand for consultations of nutritionists, nutritionists, as well as the services of fitness trainers has increased (about 18% of all requests), the expert added.

Zyukov also reminded that spring and early summer are the time of matinees, last bells, graduation balls. In this regard, services for the organization of events, animation, photo and video shooting (more than 15% of requests) are in demand.

"On the eve of Easter, and in general with the onset of heat, Russians like to restore cleanliness and order. And we are talking not only about apartments, but also about country houses, which they are preparing for the opening of the season, and even about commercial real estate," he said.

In this regard, cleaning and interior decoration services are of particular relevance - more than 9% of requests.

Finally, spring is the beginning of the period of holidays, vacations and long May holidays, when Russians plan to travel, the interlocutor of RT emphasized.

"In this regard, services in the field of tourism, including excursion, transport, agency, will now also be widely demanded in the market (5% of requests)," Zyukov concluded.

Earlier, analysts conducted a study and found out how the number of women among the self-employed has changed since 2019.