"Today, the hall can accommodate about 650 people and that's not enough. The idea is that we expand that side of the hall that faces the parking lot and then get a grandstand on each short side, says Tomas Lundberg, team coach.

After the expansion, he expects the hall to be able to accommodate around 1500 people. On top of that, the association plans for better media locations during the matches.

Three steps on the way before the new hall is ready

"In the first instance, we hope that better media places during the games will be enough to get an exemption in the first season. Then we will proceed with the rebuilding in year two when we play in the hall in Kosta. In year three, we hope to be able to play both here and in Kosta.

In these tough economic times, can't you settle for playing in Kosta instead of renovating here?

"We're Alstermo. Those who have worked for many years deserve to be part of this journey as well. Then I don't rule out collaboration. We are both rural and then you need to help each other.