The Sevillian writer Francisco Vélez Nieto has died tonight at the age of 88 in his hometown, Lora del Ríor, as reported by the City Council on its social networks.

Writer, poet and literary commentator, in verse he has published the books La otra historia de siempre", Except for the defeat, Memory before the mirror and Itálica and other poems.

He has also published the notebooks Poetas en el aula, Poetas y humanistas, Cuadernos abiertos and De soledades y desencanto. He was prologue writer and editor of several anthologies, and co-author of several works.

He was included in anthologies such as Nueva Poesía Sevilla or Homenaje a la Generación del 27, in addition to having an outstanding work as a columnist and literary commentator.

Francisco Vélez was also honorary president of the Collegiate Association of Writers of Spain in Andalusia.

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