• Three years later They arrest the main suspect in the disappearance of Enoch, the boy from Badalona kidnapped in Honduras: "I want them to take the truth from him"
  • Newspaper Library A year and a half without a trace of Enoch, the 13-year-old boy from Badalona kidnapped with violence in Honduras

Two brothers were convicted on Tuesday by a Honduran court for the kidnapping of the minor Enoc Misael Pérez Chinchilla, and the murder of two relatives and their nanny, in December 2019, when he was enjoying vacations in the country from Spain.

These are the brothers Juan José and Leonel Murcia, who were convicted by the National Sentencing Court for the crime of "unjust deprivation of liberty to the detriment of the minor Enoc Misael Pérez Chinchilla," the Supreme Court of Justice said in a Twitter message.

Enoc Misael, 12, had arrived in November 2019 in the port city of Tela, in the Honduran Caribbean, where he was kidnapped on December 2, according to local authorities at the time.

That same day, his grandfather Rubilio Arturo Pérez, an uncle (Israel Ramos) and his nanny, Cindy Xiomara Castro, were killed, according to the child's mother, Dunia Karina Chinchilla, who has lived in Spain for several years, where she had taken her son when he was nine years old.

The two men, arrested in 2020, were also convicted of the murder of the three people, and Honduran judges set for April 25 the individualization of sentence and sentence hearing.

Since the abduction, the boy's mother has been demanding that the Honduran authorities find him, as well as the kidnappers, and punish them to the full extent of the law.

In the case of Enoc Misael, at least four men have been arrested who would be the alleged perpetrators of the kidnapping and murder of his relatives and his nanny, of which one of them, Bayron Humberto Meléndez, was found dead in a maximum security prison in the department of Santa Bárbara, in western Honduras.

Earlier, in December 2019, Carlos Roberto Rodas was captured, who apparently demanded money from the boy's relatives.

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