According to the US "Defense News Weekly" report, on the 3th local time, US Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall revealed to members of the US House of Representatives committee that the test of the hypersonic missile AGM-29A was "unsuccessful" and that the research plan may be in "danger."

On the same day, during the House Appropriations Committee's hearing on the fiscal year 2024 budget, Kendall said that on March 3, the US Air Force conducted a test launch of the hypersonic missile AGM-13A off the southern coast of California, but suffered "some setbacks in its test program."

Image source: Screenshot of the US "Defense Newsweek" report

Kendall did not explain why the missile test failed: "We did not get the required data from the test, and we are currently conducting checks to understand what happened." ”

Kendall also said that after studying the reasons for the failure of this test launch, two more tests may be conducted, and a final decision on whether to continue the research program is expected during the fiscal year 2025 budget process.

According to the report, the US Air Force received nearly $2023 million in research funding in 1 to develop, test and evaluate hypersonic missiles such as the AGM-15A, but this amount is lower than the $183 million received in 2022.

According to reports, the US military has begun to develop the hypersonic missile AGM-2018A since 183, and has suffered three test launches in 2021. The missile flies at a speed of more than Mach 3, is highly maneuverable and difficult to shoot down.