We visit the family in the large villa in Motala. They have seven children of their own and are now a family of eight children.

Motalafamilljen:"New dimension"

"When some of our own children moved out, it was a good fit," says Camilla Ellisson.

"We had a vacant room in August," Ellisson adds.

Six months ago, a younger girl came to the family and, according to the couple, she has become the "lucky charm" of the whole family.

"It has become a whole new dimension in the family," says Camilla Ellisson.

Lack of foster care

SVT Nyheter Öst has sent out a survey to all municipalities in Östergötland and to Gotland. The responses show that children are waiting in line for foster homes in a majority of municipalities. In Linköping, for example, 30 children are in line for a placement. And according to the interest association Faco, the central organization of family care, the picture is general throughout the country.

Hear the Ellissons talk about what they think it's because of and their thoughts and concerns about being a family home in the clip above.